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Interview with Photoreporter Annalisa Vandelli



Had the pleasure to have an interview with Italian Photoreporter and Writer Annalisa Vandelli. We talked about Culture, Theatre, Environment, Africa and so much more…/ Ho avuto il piacere di intervistare la Photoreporter e scrittrice italiana Annalisa Vandelli. Abbiamo parlato di Cultura, Teatro, Ambiente,  Africa e tanto altro… Continue reading


AgendER. On Culture, Networks & cities


The Snowdrops’ Garden’s editor loves to find projects dedicated to Culture, Networks and Cities. So when I’ve come upon AgendER in my hometown, Modena (Italian Unesco site), I was really excited.  Continue reading

Historic Theatres and Cities ready for Christmas

historic,theatre.carpi Continue reading

Cardamom, Klee, and Classic Music

paul.kleeThis morning, as I’m preparing to start researches for new feature articles, I can only think about three topics: cardamom, Paul Klee and Classic Music . Why? Let me tell you the story Continue reading


ars.aemilia.f.bencivenniNeedle lace has a long history related to women’s creativity in Emilia Romagna and not just in Burano, the famous needle island near Venice. Continue reading

Looking for culture updates while remembering difficult days

memories.culturehelpsOnly a year ago the Life of hundreds of People in Emilia-Romagna changed forever after the earthquake. Today it’s a sunny and calm day for those lands. In Carpi, where I was that morning, historic monuments are undergoing restoration (like our historic theatre), and everybody is enjoying a walk and thinking about culture activities.

So my post today will be about 2 huge events that are on these days but that I won’t be able to attend. Turin’s International Book Salon and the Festival of Cannes. Continue reading

Aleluna: inspiring design from Istanbul

aleluna.carpiThere are days when you come across perfect design projects and you meet amazing artists. That was the case with ALELUNA  boutique in Carpi, in the heart of Emilia-Romagna. Continue reading