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Turning Pages



Turning pages means closing up this blogging experience with this illustration by Daniela Iride Murgia. Thanks for those amazing years. The reasons are in my open letter.  The best of my culture Twitter selection will continue to show up on the Edelweiss Review daily and for free. All the best to all of you.


Tribute to Actress Virna Lisi (April 1936- December 2014)


I decided to share a Visual Tribute by the Red List to Virna Lisi (April 1936- December 2014), unforgettable Italian Actress, known for her Elegance, Determination (she was the one who said no to Hollywood) and sense of vitues. I’m going to miss my favourite actress very badly, as thousands of fans, not just in Italy. She left us few  hours ago. R.I.P. 

AgendER. On Culture, Networks & cities


The Snowdrops’ Garden’s editor loves to find projects dedicated to Culture, Networks and Cities. So when I’ve come upon AgendER in my hometown, Modena (Italian Unesco site), I was really excited.  Continue reading

Instagram mood under pressure


Waiting to have time to set my instagram account, that’s how it feels  when I’m under pressure… Continue reading

Visual Storytelling day not to be missed



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All about readings on Web Design

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T.I.P Unconventional meeting point for “cultural nomads”


The Italian Project. When it comes to Cultural Nomads, Creativity and Communication, not surprisingly it’s about Italian creative industries in Europe!