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Interview with Photoreporter Annalisa Vandelli



Had the pleasure to have an interview with Italian Photoreporter and Writer Annalisa Vandelli. We talked about Culture, Theatre, Environment, Africa and so much more…/ Ho avuto il piacere di intervistare la Photoreporter e scrittrice italiana Annalisa Vandelli. Abbiamo parlato di Cultura, Teatro, Ambiente,  Africa e tanto altro… Continue reading


Upcoming closing of #intfe INTERNAZIONALE Journalism Festival in Ferrara

6.internazionale.endingHere we are, about to close  #intfe. Ferrara INTERNATIONAL celebrates its 20 years, while the Festival celebrates the 7th edition, with an opening full of guests from Africa (especially Nigeria), as well as activists from India, from France, Myanmar, South America and United States. Continue reading

#intfe Politkovskaja journalism award to Chouchou Namegabe

chouchou.namegabe_journalismaward_internazionale2013Chouchou Namegabe is not just an activist and Journalist in Congo. She’s a Heroine that everyday fights to give voice to the atrocities of raped Women of her country, coordinating AFEM, and  risking her own life.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her. Continue reading

#intfe The Opening of INTERNAZIONALE

women.journalists.ferrara2013 #intfe  INTERNATIONALE FESTIVAL  celebrates its 20 years, with an opening full of guests from Africa activist, as well as from India, France, Myanmar, South America and United States. Continue reading

#intfe INTERNAZIONALE FESTIVAL. My recommended events

internazfest.2013@Internazfest #intfe. The opening of 2013 edition of INTERNAZIONALE FESTIVAL in Ferrara is approaching, and this year is all about Journalists and Writers. So here are my recommended events for those 3 incredible days. Starting Friday. Continue reading

#intfe Interview with prospective Egyptologist Laura Michelini

egypt.middleeastWaiting for INTERNAZIONALE FESTIVAL  #intfe in Ferrara I decided to keep an eye on the Middle East from Ancient times to Present. So I called my friend Laura Michelini, graduated in Egyptology at the University of Bologna. She’s a perspective phd student in Egyptology.

Continue reading

Jamila Hassoune: from a library in Marrakech to a Story Caravane travelling on and on

marrakech.librarianSometimes you get to hear beautiful stories that you know you would love to hear about every day. That’s the real story of Jamila Hassoune and of her great love for books and stories. More than this, it’s about women, Africa, Islam and Beauty… Continue reading