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Giovanni Allevi on Alien Tour: a review

There was great expectation for the bolognese stage of Tour of Alien Giovanni Allevi, composer, conductor and pianist of international renown. The Teatro delle Celebrazioni of Bologna recorded oversubscribed in 2011, and the audience was greeted with much warmth and with a very long applause entry, literally running down to the floor, the artist. In shirt and jeans, it appeared really comfortable and informal in greeting the public, turning it irectly to introduce time to time his songs, with a very low voice, almost a child, very sweet. Continue reading


MIDORITALY: a project on Japanese tea in Italy

There are intercultural projects that translate into a service for the community a great love for the cultural identity of a civilization, you want to tell the other side of the world. This is the story of the MIDORITALY of Debora Testi and Kazuo Sakamoto, a wonderful couple that is divided between Italy and Japan telling and bringing in our country the tradition of Japanese green tea. Continue reading

Interview with the journalist PAOLA MAUGERI

Inauguration the Green Social Festival 2011. It’s a busy week, the calendar provides many conferences, meetings, exhibitions, and workshops devoted to sustainability, declined in all its aspects. It is a festival which is aimed particularly at young people, the future of our planet. To sensitize them and bringing them on land as close as possible to their way of communicating, has been invited Paola Maugeri, popular italian tv music journalist (“Storytellers” MTV) and Radio(Virgin Radio). On that day I met with Paola Maugeri, to talk about communication, music, environment, and social commitment. In the name of Passion. Continue reading

Interview with the Harpist DAVIDE BURANI

Of all musical instruments, there is one for elegant and charming often remains relegated to second floor: the Harp. Ancient yet modern tool, vibrates in all its splendor in the performances of Davide Burani, harpist from Modena that I have interviewed for you. Continue reading

Interview with the Pianist Daniele Furlati

The Piano is one of the most classical instruments and used in experimental music or jazz. A young pianist may also decide to devote himself to other art forms, like the Cinema or the theatre. I met the pianist Daniele Furlati for debunking the myths of classical music. Is not exceeded, but training as ever present as the forge of creativity-art. Continue reading

Genus Bononiae: discovering Bologna’s Culture

When it comes to a trip  to visit Italy,  few times you would hear a turist choosing Bologna as important historic-artistic city, despite the long tradition of cultural, musical, and University issues. Recently opened the “Genus Bononiae. Museums in the city”, a cultural, artistic and articulate in Museum buildings in the historical centre of Bologna, restored and recovered to public use. A proposal for the holiday weekend of 1° may 2012. Continue reading

Italian Landscape: a point on safeguarding matters

FAI-Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano and World Wild Fund (WWF) have commisionated an analysis of Italian environmental heritage, through a Dossier that combines a reading area the League deeply interests the landscape (understood in its cultural and historical significance) and environmental (protection of biodiversity).

Continue reading