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Like a silent fish

silent.fishTo all of my readers. Since a while I’ve started preparing for a journey that probably will inspire me for the rest of my days. But I won’t tell you where I’m going. Just like a silent fish. And this could be your clue. Continue reading


Remembering Lorraine Hunt

lorraine.hunt“On July 3, 2006, the mezzo-soprano Lorraine Hunt Lieberson died of complications from breast cancer. She was fifty-two years old. News of her passing aroused little interest outside the classical-music world: the opera singer was hardly a household name, lacking even the intermittent, Sunday-morning-television stardom achieved by the likes of Renée Fleming and Yo-Yo Ma. She recorded infrequently in later years; she was shy about being interviewed; she had no press agent. Her fame consisted of an ever-widening swath of ardor and awe that she left in her wake whenever she sang.” Read the beautiful tribute to her by Alex Ross on the Guardian

“Restyle” at the Holden school

holden.restyleLooking for a place (in Turin or online) where your storytelling and performing art skills will be valued? Even if you’re not Italian, I recommend you the Holden school. Founded in Turin more than a decade ago by the writer Alessandro Barricco, is probably the most creative school in Italy. They’re offering lots of new projects and courses and the “restyling” looks exciting. I’ll keep an eye on the online course. What about you?


Picture’s source:  Holden School (fb page)

A park for the Island la Certosa (Venice)

lacertosa.parkinprogressOne of the biggest islands of the Venice lagoon, La Certosa, will become a huge park devoted to the safeguard of natural heritage. It’ s a place that needs to be preserved from massive tourism but also needs to be sustained and known as an excellence of Italian culture. Find out how they’re creating the park on teh facebook page.



Verdi’s grandniece Francesca Seri owns a music school in Venice

scuoladimusica.giuseppeverdiTalent survives generations. That’s the case of Francesca Seri, Giuseppe verdi’s grand niece, who owns a music school in Venice. After a successful carrer as an international flutist, she devoted herself to education. Many children have the possibility of learning music and arts in one of the most beautiful capital of Culture of the World. Pic by Michele Crosera Continue reading

Waves. Fabienne Verdier

wavesfarewell_fabienneverdierToday I want to show you the Polyptyque painted by the artist Fabienne Verdier.  She painted it as an Homage to Japan in the wake of the tsunami of 11 March 2011. Now only this video seems appropriate to me while thinking of other environment disasters that keep on hitting our Planet. Continue reading

Inside Paul Cezanne’s Atelier

cezannePaul Cézanne’s house in Aix is one of the most remarkable artists’ studios in the world. Preserved exactly as he left it, it is filled not just with the objects he painted but also, with his hat still sitting on its peg and a glass of wine on the table, a sense of the man himself“. This is how Kevin Rushby from the Guardian describes Cezanne’s atelier in Aix en Provence.  Have a look at his slideshow.