Protecting a cultural Heritage: a catalogue for Emilia-Romagna

catalogue.emiliaAfter 2012 earthquake in Emilia Romagna, it has become vital to increase the preservation and valorisation of the cultural, natural and artistic heritage of the Region.

It is the place where I was born and grew up, so I’m well aware of how important communication is in these issues.


The Catalogue of Emilia-Romagna’s cultural heritage is an information system that pulls together and unifies the digital resources of the IBC Institute for Cultural, Natural, and Artistic Heritage and all its efforts to valorise, catalogue, preserve, and develop the regional network of museums and cultural collections.


Consulting the Catalogue provides an overview of the region’s cultural and historic heritage. A dense network of relations links and ties together the infinite ways in which cultural heritage manifests itself: a myriad of art forms and everyday objects, written documents and oral traditions, museums and contemporary art venues, which expand in space and time to the cutting edge of their respective fields.


Museums, historic theatres, contemporary art venues, and sites of cultural interest can all be explored along with the works of art, archaeological finds, historic material, and ethno-anthropological, historic, and scientific heritage contained therein.




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