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AgendER. On Culture, Networks & cities


The Snowdrops’ Garden’s editor loves to find projects dedicated to Culture, Networks and Cities. So when I’ve come upon AgendER in my hometown, Modena (Italian Unesco site), I was really excited.  Continue reading


Historic Theatres and Cities ready for Christmas

historic,theatre.carpi Continue reading

Beyond all my hopes

courtesy_regardsurimageThese days I’m living beyond all my hopes. Writing, being around theatres and dance affairs, spending great time with those beloveds, and with the perspective of many amazing journey and daily moments. I’m extremely happy and thankful for being healthy. Wish you a great week-end with this picture, courtesy of Regard sur Image

Autumn golden morning

autumn.happysurpriseI’m waiting to see what other marvellous mornings will arise. To deepen the stories that two wonderful Women, Alessandra and Alessia, started counting me on this Autumn golden morning. Their husbands were so gentle to let us get lost in female stories Continue reading


readings.writingsReading, Writing and Reading are my ultimate  activities this afternoon after I amost had an accident, and I need to work on several articles by the end of the wwek. To write properly you need to read. So I decided to recommend to Italian readers a story called “Women’s coffee” about Interculture dialogue.  That’s the best way I know to bring travel, deepness, respect and peace to my daily routine. Wish you the same.

GIULIANA BERENGAN. Writing the female memories of FERRARA

giuliana.berenganI’ve recently come across a book about all the important ladies of ancient Ferrara. The authoress was  Giuliana Berengan, who works hard to promote female creativity of this region no matter what’s the selected century. Continue reading


ars.aemilia.f.bencivenniNeedle lace has a long history related to women’s creativity in Emilia Romagna and not just in Burano, the famous needle island near Venice. Continue reading