Open letter on blogging


Open letter on blogging to my readers.


Hello World!


Here I am, Odile Milton , the web editor and curator of this blog. Odile Milton is my signature on the web as I wanted an alter ego to indicate only my writings and works, not my personal life. Odile like the dancer in Black Swan, and Milton from the novel An old-fashioned girl (find out more reading my profile).


Since 2009 I wondered how to communicate stories that  could inspire each reader interested in Culture, Creativity and Communication. My biggest passions that turned out into a job as a digital web content editor and PR in cultural events.


That’s why in 2011, after years at a multitasking young newsroom in Italy, I created the  Snowdrops’ Garden. I wanted  indipendent room for feature stories that gave me a reason to write and sharing news after years of Culture Journalism and support at Cultural events (see the features articles of the first two years and a half  of the blog).  


I wanted to reach everyone interested in those topics. That’s why I write in English and not in the other 4 languages that I can speak, read and write (French, Romenian, Italian, Spanish, a little Mandarin Chinese).


Three years later, after two University degrees and lots of fascinating experiences in the communication field as a freelancer, I realised that my business writing priorities were changing. I wasn’t sure that journalism, creative writing or web marketing were the best separate ways  to grow professionally in  Communication. 


I felt that I still wanted to be indipendent as I had always been since I’ve started running the blog but it had to be turned out  into a new project  that could inspire the readers as well as me once again. 


I’ve started writing a creative piece to outline my ideas: “So you’ll see a winter garden blossoming in time. At teatime, written next to an intangible Asian Tea House, my posts will tell you about creative issues that can make a difference in your day. To plant sustainable creative ideas whoever you are, or want to do, whenever and wherever you read them. Will join me for the Tea in my winter garden?“. 


The result was the webmagazine for free ‘THE EDELWEISS REVIEW‘ and visual posts on the fb’s page of the blog .


Now all this is changing. It’s time to close up this amazing blog experience for different reasons:

– Focus on more specific topics on my own platform (not on a wordpress blog) and that takes planning and time;

– Will to write both in English and Italian on different websites;

– A specific interest in Web Design that will lead me to a different perspective on my communication carreer;

– The Review will continue to appear daily on twitter.



Thank you for reading me through the years.


Odile Milton

Snowdrop Garden’s Editor and Curator






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