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Nureyev’s endless Dance legacy

rudolf.nureyevIn the words of Marie-Pierre Ferey, who wrote a beautiful article about the dancer- “Nureyev’s legacy in spotlight, 20 years on”- we can still perceive the endless Dance legacy of this Artist. Continue reading



maleta.mexicanaThe Mexican Suitcase is one of the finest documentaries dedicated to Exiled Photojournalists but it’s just so much more than that in the words of the Film Director Trisha Ziff. Highly recognised as one of the most important documentaries of the latest years, it’s a must for those passionated by History of Photography and Spain.

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artwork_By_Livia.MarinBy appropriating mass-market objects I seek to offer through the work a reflection on how we particularize our relation to them. I reflect on how, in a secular and materialist society, identities are increasingly designated through the material tokens derived from consumerism (..).” This is part of LIVIA MARIN’S ARTISTIC STATEMENT. I decided to share with all of you our interview, beyond usual conversations on Arts… Continue reading

GIULIANA BERENGAN. Writing the female memories of FERRARA

giuliana.berenganI’ve recently come across a book about all the important ladies of ancient Ferrara. The authoress was  Giuliana Berengan, who works hard to promote female creativity of this region no matter what’s the selected century. Continue reading

Interviewing the Writer LEAH HAGER COHEN

leah.hager.cohenAll my readers know I love Creative Writing as writing itself is my deepest passion. I got the chance to interview the American Writer Leah Hager Cohen. In fall 2013, Riverhead will publish “I Don’t Know”, an exploration of why we struggle to admit ignorance and of what happens when we do. In early 2014, it will publish Cohen’s fifth novel, No Book but the World. Below there’s our interview.
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Interviewing Film Director MARIO ZANOT

mario.zanot07/06/2013. Tiziano Terzani’s A Fortune Teller told me’s novel could soon become a crowfunded film thanks to millions of his fans and most of all, thanks to the work of the Film Director and friend Mario Zanot and Angela Staude, Tiziano’s wife. His legacy show that new perspectives make every dream achievable. And every passionate destiny, fulfilled. Continue reading


ars.aemilia.f.bencivenniNeedle lace has a long history related to women’s creativity in Emilia Romagna and not just in Burano, the famous needle island near Venice. Continue reading