Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pentti Sammalhati in Rome

Helsinki,-Finland,-1982_Pentti-Sammallahti_aSometimes we just need good photography to tour the World. If you’re in the eternal city, I can recommend you CEMBALO GALLERY, where there’s now a wonderful exhibition by Pentti Sammalhati. Continue reading


Remembering the children writer Astrid Lindgren

astrid.lindgrenEverything great that ever happened in this world happened first in somebody’s imagination.” Astrid Lindgren. Over those difficult times for creative writers, emerging Illustrators and indipendent librarians recalling the achievements and most of all the human heritage of this Swden writer. Continue reading

Inspiring Life Bulbs

inspiring.gardensIn the imaginary garden that I cultivate while writing this Culture blog, lately some inspiring Life bulbs have shown up. There are changes upcoming, due to what has happened culturally, socially and personally over the last few weeks. So I submit to you the same bulbs from Holland that are helping me to develop new projects that you will experience over the next months on this blog. Take a good look at this image, and find out more more here.


Autumn golden morning

autumn.happysurpriseI’m waiting to see what other marvellous mornings will arise. To deepen the stories that two wonderful Women, Alessandra and Alessia, started counting me on this Autumn golden morning. Their husbands were so gentle to let us get lost in female stories Continue reading

Cardamom, Klee, and Classic Music

paul.kleeThis morning, as I’m preparing to start researches for new feature articles, I can only think about three topics: cardamom, Paul Klee and Classic Music . Why? Let me tell you the story Continue reading

Moon Dance and Asia to inspire

moon_dancingMoon, Dance and Asia to inspire. Night, Moon, and creativity reminds us of Women’s inner harmony.  I decided to look for two dance videos from Asia that could describe this concept. I’ve come up with Taiwan and Netherlands. Find out why if you need inspiration Continue reading


readings.writingsReading, Writing and Reading are my ultimate  activities this afternoon after I amost had an accident, and I need to work on several articles by the end of the wwek. To write properly you need to read. So I decided to recommend to Italian readers a story called “Women’s coffee” about Interculture dialogue.  That’s the best way I know to bring travel, deepness, respect and peace to my daily routine. Wish you the same.