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Favourite Arts: two visits proposal

For all  Art Lovers, professionals or not, there are favourite topics. In my case I propose you two of my favourites, Asian Art and Italian Art, counted by two different but lead institutions, one in Italy, while the other is in France… Continue reading


Serenity Bonsai’s Museum of Tarzo, Italy

Bonsai’s Museum Garden of Tarzo, ItalyBy Armando and Haina Dal Col. A Garden of Serenity and Peace. In the long quest for silentness and paradise on EarthContinue reading

Awakenings. Dance Biennale 2012. Sylvie Guillem’s Tribute

Awakenings. Dance Biennale 2012. Sylvie Guillem‘s Tribute… Continue reading

Summertime: 3 Selected Modern Readings

Summertime: 3 selected modern readings while you relax in this hot season. Waiting for italian Literary Festivals in the upcoming Fall (Mantova and Carpi, both cities affected fro  May’s Earthquakes)… Continue reading

Olympic Games 2012 in London. The impressive Opening Ceremony

Olympics Games 2012 in London. The impressive Opening Ceremony was totally inspired by children‘s dreams and hopes for the Future. Funny sketches with the Queen and agent James Bond were largely liked by the people there. Most of all, the volunteer dancers gave an enormous tribute to the History of Uk’s Music. London has proved that it’s the perfect city when it comes to contemporary creativity and technology, but also for the legacy in Children’s Literature, International Music and Dance, Health System, and Historical Legacy (Industrial Revolution) and Celtic Mithology (Glastombury Hill). Continue reading

Hospitals devoted to Women and their children:CURARE ONLUS PROJECT

After the terrible earthquake that struck Italy on the 29th of May 2012, many mums and their children were in need of care. In the Region there is an amazing project, called “CURARE ONLUS“, entirely devoted to this mission, and some of their volunteers significantly helped during the post-eartquake, like my good friend Jessica Carlini.  They recently promoted a photographic contest related to the theme “Woman and child” in partnership with Reggio Emilia Photographic Festival.

Follow their project and find out more on their website :

The website is in italian, translate and help if you can, joining this noble purpose!

Interview with the owners of “Eutepia World”. A delightful Tea shop in Bologna

Walking  around Bologna surprises continuosly the visitor. Back to the interviews related to interesting creative shops owned by strong, beautiful and clever women, the Tea Shop “Il Mondo di Eutepia” (ndr Eutepia’s World), is certainly a place to stop if you love tea as much as I do. So here’s my interview with Daniela and Katrien, the two friends that rule and own this beautiful shop. Continue reading