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A Petition for Villa Herriot (Venice)


Villa Herriot, culture public location in Venice related to International University of Art at Giudecca, risks to be sold by the local Municipality to rich private buyers, who would take away a historic site of Venice. There’s a petition to save it, in Italian. Please sign it Continue reading



ars.aemilia.f.bencivenniNeedle lace has a long history related to women’s creativity in Emilia Romagna and not just in Burano, the famous needle island near Venice. Continue reading

A park for the Island la Certosa (Venice)

lacertosa.parkinprogressOne of the biggest islands of the Venice lagoon, La Certosa, will become a huge park devoted to the safeguard of natural heritage. It’ s a place that needs to be preserved from massive tourism but also needs to be sustained and known as an excellence of Italian culture. Find out how they’re creating the park on teh facebook page.



Verdi’s grandniece Francesca Seri owns a music school in Venice

scuoladimusica.giuseppeverdiTalent survives generations. That’s the case of Francesca Seri, Giuseppe verdi’s grand niece, who owns a music school in Venice. After a successful carrer as an international flutist, she devoted herself to education. Many children have the possibility of learning music and arts in one of the most beautiful capital of Culture of the World. Pic by Michele Crosera Continue reading

Common Ground. Architecture Biennale 2012

I’ve left to Venice once again, to visit the Architecture Biennale 2012, and hoping to get on time for Music Biennale as well. It was very exciting and challenging the common ground showed to the public, with lots of inspiring design, geographical and technological works. Continue reading

Venice. Walking Impressions

I’ve recently been in Venice, and as usual, there are too many things to visit. A week-end is not enough, so, waiting for “Common Ground”-the Architecture Biennale of 2012, I decided to take a walk with a very good friend of mine. Here are the links of the places on our wish list Continue reading

Awakenings. Dance Biennale 2012. Sylvie Guillem’s Tribute

Awakenings. Dance Biennale 2012. Sylvie Guillem‘s Tribute… Continue reading