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Interview to the owner of ” The WORLD in a ROOM”, design store in Bologna

In Bologna I’m always looking for friendly people and creative places to be. that’s the case of The World in a Roomdesign store, of Michela, the young and creative female owner of one of the sweetest art store in the centre of Bologna. Here’s the interview. Address Via Marsala 31/C if you’re in town.

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Discovering the hortus conclusus and the gardens of ancient Rome

Discovering the hortus conclusus and the gardens of ancient Rome. In the heart of the eternal city have recently been recreated the gardens of the imperial palaces. Between rose, quinces, viburnum, periwinkles, petunias and verbenas a stroll to discover the glories of the past, by Augustus in the Farnese. Continue reading

Scents on high cliffs: The ROSE GARDEN FOUNDATION

A great new rose garden in the Val di Non (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy), inaugurated in summer solstice of 2012. It’s the Rose Garden Foundation, with its marvellous scents on high cliffs. Continue reading

The strange story of a remote Forest needs an end

The strange story of a remote Forest needs an ending. The image started appearing on facebook. And it’s quite fascinating. Read more to know about it and try to give your own explanation if you wish so. Continue reading


A whole new creativity wave. As a passionate of contemporary Photography, I eally wish to have a look at a good slideshow of a good festival if I can’t be there . When it comes to Photography in Italy, I think immediately of Reggio Emilia.  Now it’s time for “The Photography Festival Off” 2012. Main theme“Common Life”. Continue reading

BolognArt: ancient maps and lost views of Bononia

BolognArt: the unique web site where you can find a private collection of ancient maps and lost views of Bononia (nowdays Bologna), continuously updated for passion and not for profit benefits.

I recommend the album dedicated to the lost views of the city, available on facebook here, as well as the maps dating back unitil 1500. Continue reading

INTERVIEW with MIROARCHITETTI: young architects re-draw Bologna

PIAZZA VERDI (or known as Verdi’s Square) in BOLOGNA changed its look.For some time, those who attend the University of Bologna  will notice that the “Piazza” Bologna is undergoing a transformation, which is intended as a contribution to the redevelopment of a town often plagued by phenomena of degradation.

Did you know that it was a project conceived by a group of young local creative architects, who dream of a different future for the city? What I propose is the interview with the team of Miroarchitetti o, written for the web-magazine in 2011.

The protagonists of this adventure, decided to confront withall actors, institutions, citizens and students, to end up with an image of Bologna more dynamic, young, and ready to wonder about herself and to be the protagonist of his future.

I spoke with GIACOMO MINELLI (3rd on the right), CEO of the group. In 2012 the study produced interesting creative exhibition projects (like QUINTESSENCES) and was recently selected for the KERNEL FESTIVAL. Continue reading