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There are days when the world will see simply scroll away, even without being in motion. You realize you need to stay a bit with yourself, even if a nice cup of tea with friends not failing. You feel that fear, obsession or worse the doubt knock at the door for too long. And you have to find an antidote for Sun and joy every day to fight all this. A serialized story about a young woman in search of an author to ensure that his story makes sense and body, and it can be painless … Are rare writers who can write at the peak of joy. Literature and music are a worthy try.

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ILLUMINAZIONI: a warning Biennale


What’s next?It seems the obvious question, a visitor carries with him at the time of the visit to the Biennale d’Arte italiana for excellence according to the tradition, namely that of Venice. A Biennial that is expected to meet the creativity of the world, new lights that will brighten the future of the Art World. Or maybe not, despite the title?

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