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Longing in-between…

Tonight I imagined to mount
an art installation. A dream denied, for time and space. A fragmented film
waiting to turn into a few documentary from my folder of watercolour. Who knows
how or when. Continue reading


GVC Italia: an interview with Stefania Piccinelli

GVC represents  after 40 years the more solid reality linked to international cooperation in the territory.  I spoke to with Stefania Piccinelli, Coordinator for education development of GVC, to confront the reality of voluntary cooperation in Emilia-Romagna and in the world. Continue reading

Interview with Yoshiko Hirao, Ikebana teacher -Sogetsu Foundation of Tokyo

The art of gardens that has fascinated the West for centuries and continues to influence the aesthetics of Landscaping on various scales belongs to the Japanese civilization. A conception of Landscape imported from China, which means ‘ Shinto and Buddhist elements, creating landscapes of extraordinary delicacy and beauty in cities (just think of the famous blossoming cherry trees that attracts hundreds of visitors). An art that can be brought inside the homes through the Bonsai, and especially thanks to the art of Ikebana, the art of composing with flowers.

We talk with Yoshiko Hirao, Teacher of Ikebana graduate Sogetsu Foundation, Tokyo. Continue reading

Interview with Antonio Presti – founder of the Park of Fiumara d’Arte- Sicily

Art, Beauty, Nature. Sicily is without doubt an island-treasure of such gifts. Not everyone knows that holds one of the most unusual and majestic contemporary Italian art parks, Fiumara d’Arte, the opera and the great passion of Antonio Presti. Defined by most as the last of the great patrons in the lands of Magna Greecee, is an advocate of innumerable artistic initiatives dedicated to his homeland, Sicily entirely devoted to beauty, to respect, nurture and teach the new generations, so that the fight against environmental degradation, cultural and human becomes a new feel. If the civil commitment makes reality such as that of Librino of Catania, where the creativity of the youngest is redefining urban geographies normally violent, Fiumara d’Arte is an anthem to not ever to love, respect and beauty for their land. A commitment defended through a great team of artists and institutional partners and private, who believed in this project, which is a daily mission. Continue reading

PAV. A living art-park in motion

The PAV –  living art-park and experimental center of contemporary art of Turin is an outdoor exhibition site, a new interactive museum, a place of encounter and experience in the laboratory, and research center dedicated to dialogue between contemporary art, nature, biotechnology and ecology, public and artists. Continue reading

A contemporary art park in Emilia-Romagna: Ca’ la Ghironda

Hic locus est ubi nature gaudet succurrere vitam

 Ca ‘ la Ghironda born spontaneously out of love for life and excitement to the sign, color and material. Until the mid ‘ 80, the territory on which the Museum now stands was compendium agricultural, with only two large poplars and a sparse vegetation. An area almost abandoned.  After a virtuos and passionate artistic intervention by Francesco Martani lasted about twenty-five years, the complex is today  “a work of art, a realization in aesthetic representation polimaterica continues, container content for art and nature”. Continue reading

Historic italian Gardens: classical paths

The tradition of the Italian garden, dating from the ‘ 500, represents a tradition of excellence in landscape architecture, admired abroad as well as within national boundaries. We present the two networks that provide the most comprehensive visit to this immense heritage, natural and human. Continue reading