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Time for daydreaming

I always try to save time for my daydreaming. Continue reading


Michaela de Prince: a black swan born in Africa

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are, having a house, a family, the right to go to school or to work, to enjoy our lives. Michaela de Prince knows it very well, as she escaped a terryifing life in Sierra Leone when she was very young and then adopted by an american family. She fulfilled in this way her dream of becoming a classical dancer.

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Malala’s Fight for Education and Life

MALALA YUSUFZAI,14-year-old girl shot and wounded by the Taliban for promoting education for girls and criticizing the fundamentalist Islamic movement. She’s now fighting to stay alive in the UK. This post is to spread a word about her incredible courage and commitment to children and women rights. Against all kinds of violence and injustices.

Common Ground. Architecture Biennale 2012

I’ve left to Venice once again, to visit the Architecture Biennale 2012, and hoping to get on time for Music Biennale as well. It was very exciting and challenging the common ground showed to the public, with lots of inspiring design, geographical and technological works. Continue reading

Celia Thaxter’s Island Garden

Fall 2012.They talk about Architecture and Common Ground in Italy to be visited, but I only can think about childhood memories and secret gardens… Continue reading

Communication, Culture and Art: updates

So many updates in the last weeks here in Italy. There have been several international Festivals (of Literature in Mantova, of Storytelling in Carpi, of Philosophy in Modena, of Journalism in Ferrara). Lots of things to learn… Continue reading

Working working working

Dear Readers,

this period has been full of meetings, festivals and art news, and I simply couldn’t keep up writing it all on the blog, but I regularly published on its facebook and twitter pages.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back on the blog by the end of the week, meanwhile keep updated at this adresses:

I’m working to write for you.

All the best