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Interview with Photoreporter Annalisa Vandelli



Had the pleasure to have an interview with Italian Photoreporter and Writer Annalisa Vandelli. We talked about Culture, Theatre, Environment, Africa and so much more…/ Ho avuto il piacere di intervistare la Photoreporter e scrittrice italiana Annalisa Vandelli. Abbiamo parlato di Cultura, Teatro, Ambiente,  Africa e tanto altro… Continue reading


AgendER. On Culture, Networks & cities


The Snowdrops’ Garden’s editor loves to find projects dedicated to Culture, Networks and Cities. So when I’ve come upon AgendER in my hometown, Modena (Italian Unesco site), I was really excited.  Continue reading

Visual Storytelling day not to be missed



Continue reading

T.I.P Unconventional meeting point for “cultural nomads”


The Italian Project. When it comes to Cultural Nomads, Creativity and Communication, not surprisingly it’s about Italian creative industries in Europe! www.theitalianproject.eu

Amelie au chocolat

amelie.chocolatYesterday I couldn’t post this lovely image. Amelie (well known character of a French movie), that is enjoying a cup of… chocolate to me, waiting for the Chocolate festivals that will take place in Italy over the following weeks. Gingko’s leaves are getting golden, but the foggy mornings need sweet savours to endure the routine. Hope you’ll all enjoy it…

#intfe. Last day as a INTERNAZIONALE Correspondent in Ferrara

closingSo here I am after the Festival. Last day as a INTERNAZIONALE Correspondent in Ferrara  was under a heavy rain, but it deserved the effort. I met Simone Pieranni, the Director of China Files, and Elias Khoudry, a wonderful Lebanese Writer. Continue reading

GIULIANA BERENGAN. Writing the female memories of FERRARA

giuliana.berenganI’ve recently come across a book about all the important ladies of ancient Ferrara. The authoress was  Giuliana Berengan, who works hard to promote female creativity of this region no matter what’s the selected century. Continue reading