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Trees in North America. An earth book by G.Jonas

Trees in North America. An earth book by G.Jonas. If you love Nature and Photography, you will probably want to visit the USA National Parks. Their treasures? Canyons and wonderful trees, the subject of this post Continue reading


Lighthouses views

Have you ever dreamt of travelling coast to coast admiring lighthouses and discovering the tales about the gods of the sea and the mermaids? I did, so I decided to read this photographic book, ” Les Phares” by Jean Guichard

The world of lighthouses is complex and the quality of the information is uneven. Continue reading

Spices’s charmer

Days filled with spices of creativity

are usually my secret

in endouring mind’s routine.

I feel like I’d need a recipe of these tired thoughts

to light up my dreams

and mix laughs and tears in a new-bright project. Continue reading

Venice. Walking Impressions

I’ve recently been in Venice, and as usual, there are too many things to visit. A week-end is not enough, so, waiting for “Common Ground”-the Architecture Biennale of 2012, I decided to take a walk with a very good friend of mine. Here are the links of the places on our wish list Continue reading

Amazing Photographers. Peter Lik

Here’s one of the most amazing australian photographers: Peter Lik, who stands at the summit of landscape photography. World-renowned, highly awarded, and boasting a huge international following.

Picture by Peter Lik Continue reading

A concise Encyclopedia of GLASS by SOTHEBY

A concise Encyclopedia of GLASS by SOTHEBY. A survey form the beginnings of this art, over 4,000 years ago in Bronze Age Mesopotamia to present, tracing its developments in major centers of production throughout the ages. Continue reading

The Art of Louis Comfort TIFFANY. A Book by Vivienne Couldrey

The Art of Louis Comfort TIFFANY. A Book by Vivienne  Couldrey.  This artist was the foremost exponent of Art Nouveau from the jewellery and silver store Tiffany & Co. Continue reading