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Interview with Photoreporter Annalisa Vandelli



Had the pleasure to have an interview with Italian Photoreporter and Writer Annalisa Vandelli. We talked about Culture, Theatre, Environment, Africa and so much more…/ Ho avuto il piacere di intervistare la Photoreporter e scrittrice italiana Annalisa Vandelli. Abbiamo parlato di Cultura, Teatro, Ambiente,  Africa e tanto altro… Continue reading


Interview with Laura Sullivan

photobyRhythm KM

For the Snowdrops’ Garden readers, here is the little interview with wonderful Grammy winning artist Laura Sullivan, currently working on the global project “We Are Love“, featured recently on the blog. I’ve had the pleasure to discover Laura’s Human side. Through her Music she reaches us all, no matter where we live. I’m truly and deeply grateful for this opportunity. Enjoy it! Continue reading

Interview with Dinah Fried


At last Dinah Fried and the Snowdrops’ Garden editor have managed to have a wonderful interview. Enjoy it! Continue reading

Interview with Artist Jill Bliss



An interview with Jill Bliss is a must when you love Illustration, design and Nature. Read below our conversation. Thanks a lot Jill!

Continue reading

#intfe. Last day as a INTERNAZIONALE Correspondent in Ferrara

closingSo here I am after the Festival. Last day as a INTERNAZIONALE Correspondent in Ferrara  was under a heavy rain, but it deserved the effort. I met Simone Pieranni, the Director of China Files, and Elias Khoudry, a wonderful Lebanese Writer. Continue reading

Upcoming closing of #intfe INTERNAZIONALE Journalism Festival in Ferrara

6.internazionale.endingHere we are, about to close  #intfe. Ferrara INTERNATIONAL celebrates its 20 years, while the Festival celebrates the 7th edition, with an opening full of guests from Africa (especially Nigeria), as well as activists from India, from France, Myanmar, South America and United States. Continue reading

#intfe Politkovskaja journalism award to Chouchou Namegabe

chouchou.namegabe_journalismaward_internazionale2013Chouchou Namegabe is not just an activist and Journalist in Congo. She’s a Heroine that everyday fights to give voice to the atrocities of raped Women of her country, coordinating AFEM, and  risking her own life.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her. Continue reading