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#intfe Interview with prospective Egyptologist Laura Michelini

egypt.middleeastWaiting for INTERNAZIONALE FESTIVAL  #intfe in Ferrara I decided to keep an eye on the Middle East from Ancient times to Present. So I called my friend Laura Michelini, graduated in Egyptology at the University of Bologna. She’s a perspective phd student in Egyptology.

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The ICMC in Cottbus. The most Innovative Library of Europe

cottbus-libraryI propose an article written by Dagmar Giersberg for the Goethe Institute about The Information, Communication and Media Center (ICMC) at Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus.  Former Library of the year in 2006, the heart of innovation in Communication and Media is located in Germany and open to everyone.

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Revista Orsai. Argentina’s stories

a.different.magazineRevista Orsai. A magazine that you’ll never find at the Newsstands because they care about living for quality writing. They deliver personnally the magazine!
Check the amazing video of their creative director (you need to speak spanish)

Noo Saro-Wiwa is counting Nigeria

authoress.nigeriarenaissanceNoo Saro-Wiwa is counting Nigeria, her country.
Listen to this beautiful interview released to the BBC.
She will be attending Internazionale Festival on October 4-6 2013.

Photoquai 2013. The Portraits of our World

photoquaiThe Portraits of our World are in Paris for the Images Biennale Photoquai 2013.  At Quai Branly Museum. Don’t miss it

Malta. Calypso’s home

malta.carnetsWhat happens when you’re off to Calypso’s Home? Here are the short tales about Malta. Continue reading

Off to another Journey and another island readers, from tomorrow until  September 12 you won’t find new posts on the blog nor updates on the social media.

I’m off to a beautiful island, where another carnet the voyage will be written.

Hope you’ll enjoy the beginning of September waiting for the new posts on the Snowdrops’ Garden.