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The Ratti Foundation. A deep love for Textiles and Contemporary Art

A foundation near Como combines the love for contemporary Art and Textiles. It’s the Ratti Foundation, one of the most interesting cultural centers in Italy. Official statements from their official website Continue reading


Fall Art updates: some interesting websites

I decided to publish a list of museums’ sites where you’ll find interesting exhibition during the Autumn. So check the list in Italy and outside Italy…  Continue reading

Interview with Federica Valabrega. Globetrotter Photographer

When two bloggers meet through their works on the web, interesting conversations start. That the case with Federica Valabrega, freelance photographer, same age as the Snowdrop’s freelance writer, and we were both born under the sign of Cancer. I loved this interview and I’m sure it will be the same for you. ‘Cause we all love Art. Check her portfolio.

Photography by Federica Valabrega Continue reading

Interview with Shang Chi Sun. Starring at Corpi Urbani International Dance Festival, Genoa

Genoa presented an amazing International Dance Festival called “Corpi Urbani“, and the 2012 edition show the participation of Choreographer Shang Chi Sun. Rising Taiwanese choreographer in Europe, since 2008 Shang has been invited to present creations by various international arts festivals and dance platforms in Japan, Israel, Taiwan and Europe.

He has collaborated as performer/choreographer with different companies, including Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and Sasha Waltz. In 2011 Tanznetz Germany described Sun as “a comet, who just started to mesmerize the dance universe.”

He founded in 2007 the “Shang-Chi Sun Company”in Taipei, seeking to experiment with movements and different media as well as performing arts to create new perspective and space for the viewer and himself. Based now  in Berlin, he collaborates with artists in Europe and Asia. His company co-produces new works with arts festivals and tours internationally.

We had a wonderful interview…

Photography by Luigi Maggese.

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Impressions from the International Literature Festival of Mantova, 2012

Karen Blixen through a Theatrical reading and a stunning interview with Toni Morrison, famous afroamerican writer. Amazing, Touching, Unexpected and full of new sources of inspirations,  all happening in a city that suffered from the spring earthquake that hit Italy this year. Both seen on 9/9/2012 Continue reading

Unmissable Dance and Music Festivals. Italy at fall time

Music and Dance Festivals in Italy in automn… Continue reading

A violinist at the Metro Station

At Enfant plaza metro station in  Washington, DC, a man plays violin. 6 Bach’s masterpieces for 45 minutes. Continue reading