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Half the sky and Room to Read. New opportunities for Women

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Creative goals



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Flashgiovani. A cultural network for young people risks closure

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Beyond all my hopes

courtesy_regardsurimageThese days I’m living beyond all my hopes. Writing, being around theatres and dance affairs, spending great time with those beloveds, and with the perspective of many amazing journey and daily moments. I’m extremely happy and thankful for being healthy. Wish you a great week-end with this picture, courtesy of Regard sur Image

Creative scrawls

creative-scrawlsYesterday evening, at the Childwood library Radice Labirinto, it was all about the value of creative scrawls and History of Arts. Continue reading

Daydreaming in Trentino

trentinoValleys, lakes, mountains and Forest’s savours during my visit in Trentino. To give you an idea of my daydreaming, I decided to post this image of the Land Art Park Arte Sella. A place I long to go, that perfectly describes the mood for this upcoming week-end. How about yours?

Amelie au chocolat

amelie.chocolatYesterday I couldn’t post this lovely image. Amelie (well known character of a French movie), that is enjoying a cup of… chocolate to me, waiting for the Chocolate festivals that will take place in Italy over the following weeks. Gingko’s leaves are getting golden, but the foggy mornings need sweet savours to endure the routine. Hope you’ll all enjoy it…