Monthly Archives: November 2012

Winter inspirations

As Winter is approaching, layiing by the fire and thinking about good things and places is my favourite activity.

We tend to get extremely busy, and in times of crisis is better not stopping. But I notice friends, and People in general, have less time and room for their dreams and their owns interests. Cultural, social and sports activity never seem to get enough time in our daily routine. Continue reading


Unusual Florence and Liberty Montecatini Terme

Florence is the capital of Italian Art, and the Renaissance city. Montecatini is the glamourous little city where the international jet set used to relax when coming to Tuscany before visiting Siena or Lucca. And here’s what I noticed on my travel diary about these wonderful locations. Continue reading

Art market. Florens 2012, Sarah Thornton, and more

Italy, November 3d, 2012. I’m on my way for a wonderful week-end in Tuscany with a friend. We’ll be attending Florens Biennale, related to Heritage issues, and then we’ll move to Montecatini Terme, a lovely liberty city where stars like Grace Kelly were habituées. Here’s how Sarah Thornton and Florens 2012 started crossing my mind. Continue reading