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Wild women of 1920s Dance

images.danceJosephine Baker and the wild women of 1920s dance.  They played a pivotal role in the emancipation of women.
Maud Allan, Tallulah Bankheadù and more …

Check the Gallery from the Guardian


Seven artists in Delhi: endless visions

delhiHere I link the videos (source the Guardian), of the responses of seven Indian artists  to the city of Delhi. Check the list and enjoy 7 unique experiences. Start from the bottom to see the original order.

Landfill Orchestra

landfill.orchestraThe vast landfill site on the outskirts of Asunción in Paraguay receives 1.5 tonnes of rubbish each day.
Favio Chávez combined his passion for music and his work as a technician to help children turn discarded items into musical instruments.
Thus Paraguay’s one and only landfill orchestra, the Cateura Orchestra of Recycled Instruments, was born.
And here’s the video from the Guardian.
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Paris. A time capsule lifetime

capsule.timeParis still owns secrets and memories that date back centuries. That’s the case with the Time capsule apartment and the lost story of a muse of the Arts at the time of Belle Epoque. Wouldn’t you like to find forgotten apartments and discover their secrets? Here’s the story.

April’s free days: Gardens of Italy

cameliasEverybody is getting ready for a wonderful holiday in Italy, the 25th of April. Wishing to those of you visiting Italy a pleasant day, I recommendo to discover the amazing gardens of this country. I’ve chosen an Asian garden, at the MAO Turin Museum. Have a wonderful day! And if you like to, share your experiences.

Lee Miller. Waiting for a month dedicated to Photography

lee_millerLee Miller. Meanwhile waiting for May, an important month for Photography in Italy, I propose you an interesting article about her on the Guardian.  She was the fashion muse who joined the surrealists – and shook up photojournalism with her shots of Nazi atrocities. As new images reveal a more intimate side of Lee Miller, Blake Morrison remembers a trailblazer.


Historic Gardens of Italy

labirinto.gardenHistoric Gardens of Italy is my latest article published for SITI-Unesco’s magazine in Italy  Continue reading