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To all my readers



To all my readers: Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015! See you in the new year, thanks for keep on following me! Many updates to come.


A Petition for Villa Herriot (Venice)


Villa Herriot, culture public location in Venice related to International University of Art at Giudecca, risks to be sold by the local Municipality to rich private buyers, who would take away a historic site of Venice. There’s a petition to save it, in Italian. Please sign it Continue reading

Graphic Design, Photography, Comics, Illustration, Watercolor…All visuals in?




I started studying all that I could find on visual design during the past weeks, forced at home because of an injured rib. I decided to focus to the visual side of communication to improve as a writer. So the question- looking at this pic by La Melodie des Images- is: Keeping all the visuals (Graphic Design, Comic, Illustration, Watercolour etcetera) in ? Continue reading

Marbled Arts for a Culture Research


Continue reading

Arts as Therapy. Reflections on inspiring book by Alain de Botton & John Armstrong



Over the past weeks I’ve been busy writing an art education playful reasearch for elementary students at the local children library. Passionated about History Museums, Historic Theatres and all Arts in general, I needed a book that could inspire my ideas on Art Education. The book by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong “Art as Therapy” reflectes perfectly my view on the possibility of all Arts to be Therapies.  Continue reading