Graphic Design, Photography, Comics, Illustration, Watercolor…All visuals in?




I started studying all that I could find on visual design during the past weeks, forced at home because of an injured rib. I decided to focus to the visual side of communication to improve as a writer. So the question- looking at this pic by La Melodie des Images- is: Keeping all the visuals (Graphic Design, Comic, Illustration, Watercolour etcetera) in ?

Here are my notes on the topic.


ON GRAPHIC DESIGN. I seriously need to attend a course but I guess I’m currently in the wrong place to find a good class. Right now, until I get to go back to Florence, I’m using tutorials on YouTube and reading lots of specific blogs on the subject. Then I’ll start creating my compositions and see what’s going on. Can anybody help?

ON PHOTOGRAPHY. I started the study of History of photography at University and my interest in the topic has increased (currently I dedicate lots of articles and interviews to this topic. Photoediting in a post is still something I need to work on, I haven’t decided what social media fits best my visual needs when I work (instagram/pinterest or flikr?)


ON COMICS I love this Art as I love writing scripts and admire Children Illustrators. It seems to me there’s not so much room in Europe for this Art if you don’t live in Paris. Italy has some points and I had the chance to help some artists but my reference remains Marjane Satrapi and her works. Would love to see something similar in Italy but so far I just read Vanna Vinci’s story, which isn’t socially exposed as Satrapi. Any suggestions?


ON ILLUSTRATION. As I said before I’m in love with Children and Young adults illustration and this year is fully dedicated to this Art section professionally. Bologna’s children fair is my reference right now to educate my eyes as well as the guests of the children library Radice Labirinto. Tehy teach me a lot on this creative market, perhaps the only really free. What do you think?


ON WATERCOLOUR. This was on of my passions (I still dream to attend a course on Trompe-l’oeil tecnique) because it reminds me my love for ink, colors, and asian art. Those motives will be a key feature on my visuals.


As you can see I’m studying and experimenting. Is it the same for you?





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