Interview with Laura Sullivan

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For the Snowdrops’ Garden readers, here is the little interview with wonderful Grammy winning artist Laura Sullivan, currently working on the global project “We Are Love“, featured recently on the blog. I’ve had the pleasure to discover Laura’s Human side. Through her Music she reaches us all, no matter where we live. I’m truly and deeply grateful for this opportunity. Enjoy it!

O.M. Social commitment, Music and what else best define We are Love’s goals?
L.S. “We Are Love” first came into being because many people were asking if they may write lyrics or sing to my instrumental recordings. I wanted a chance to include everyone that might like to be part of the music in some way. My hope is that with the energy people create and feel in singing the lyrics “Love” and “We Are One” and “We Are Love” that it may in some small way change the world for the better, as we are all made of energy and what we create in our lives first begins with what we feel, and what we think and what we say.
O.M. How did you decide to involve Little Kids Rock Foundation?
L.S. I have a friend in our local Recording Academy chapter who started an organization called “Ear Candy” some years ago. This group gave free musical instruments to children who cannot afford them. “Ear Candy” recently merged with “Little Kids Rock.” They do the same thing in giving musical instruments, and also music lessons to kids in under served communities. Learning music is such a gift, and I’m honored to have the chance to support this wonderful organization.

O.M. You dream a video created by our global community. What do you think your global fans think about your project?
L.S. Hopefully my global fans will embrace this project. So far, we have received wonderful feedback from many people all over the world who are enjoying watching the Teaser video and who are participating by sending me their video clips for consideration in our final video edit. I think many people feel and believe in our connection as humanity, no matter what part of the world or culture we are from. This song is a celebration of our connection and I hope that shines through in the final mix. I believe with all the wonderful people who are getting involved, that it will. It’s inspiring to me that there are so many people that want to be involved in creating something positive for no other reason than for the sake of creation.

O.M. What are your next goals in Music, Education and Non-Profit?
L.S. This project is so consuming at this time, that it’s hard for me to think too far past it. I know that no matter what, I’ll continue creating music where my muse leads me, with the intention that it will be of service to others.

O.M. As you may have seen as the Snowdrops’ Garden Curator I’m working on an art project dedicated to scenography-music and dance. How would you define the connection among those art activities? What could be the value of working on a study and a Festival on the topic according to you?
L.S. How wonderful you are working on an art project dedicated to scenography, music and dance! That sounds very exciting! I would say the connection is that they are all an expression of emotion in art form, and through that expression, they elicit emotion in others. I think a study and festival would be inspiring to many people, and also a lot of fun! Kudos to you for putting this together! I imagine it will be a lot of work, but anything worth doing takes a lot of effort. I’ll look forward to hearing more about it and staying in touch about your progress!


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