Arts as Therapy. Reflections on inspiring book by Alain de Botton & John Armstrong



Over the past weeks I’ve been busy writing an art education playful reasearch for elementary students at the local children library. Passionated about History Museums, Historic Theatres and all Arts in general, I needed a book that could inspire my ideas on Art Education. The book by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong “Art as Therapy” reflectes perfectly my view on the possibility of all Arts to be Therapies. 


The point of Art in general is to offer therapeutic assistance; it should help us to better endure and enjoy our lives”. This statement drove me to the book. I already knew that the writings of Alain de Botton were those that I could read on and on, so finding a publication about Art as Therapy seemed to meet my ideas of all Arts as Therapy.



A cure for Love, Work,Anxiety, Self, Politics, Free Time. Alain de Botton and John Armstrong have a firm belief that Art can help us with our most intimate and ordinary dilemmas” according to the official website dedicated to the volume.


Together they created a wonderful book, which I highly recommend to those who are dealing with Art education and Edutainment.


According to the same website, its purpose is to:


Introduce a new method of interpreting Art: Art as a form of Therapy. The authors propose that the squeamish belief that art should be ‘for art’s sake’ has unnecessarily held back art from revealing its latent therapeutic potential


Find out more at 


To me Art is also a continuous way to question reality. That is what a famous Curator, Hans Ulrich Obrist has well expressed in one of his books.



To be continued…




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