Dreaming to be a Taiwan’s Lady: carnet de voyage

Taiwan.ladyI’ve longed for so long to go to Taiwan.

Finally, I arrived there the 1st June 2013, for a 10 days journey, just with my beloved dad for the first time in Asia.

Our goal was Taipei, to wich I dedicated my master’s thesis.
A green paradise that brough us directly into the future.

MONUMENTS NOT TO BE MISSED: NPM- National Palace Museum, TFAMTaipei Fine Arts Museum, Chiang Kai-sheck and Sun Yat-sen Memorials, the Longshan temple,the Baoan temple,
Sanshia temple and Mazu Temple.The east and he west district give you an idea of the past and the present of the city. Lovely old wood houses with arcades.
The Grand Hotel is still a valuable landmark. its hall represents the interior of the Forbidden City. Lin An Tai mansion provides you the idea of how an ancient literate mansion would have looked like.
GARDENS: The Zhishan garden of the National Palace Museum is my favourite place.I visisted it very early in the morning and it was just us, the bridges, the pavillons,
the plants, black swans and the lakes… but I recommend as well the green spaces of the national halls, the Taipei memorial peace park,Daan park and the tea houses
of Muzha. A dream come true for me. Yangminshan National park was also a lovely place to see, with its animals, flower clock, orchids and butterflies. The botanical garden of Taipei is probably the msot peaceful garden of the city. Lots of lotus will enchant you!
ATTRACTIONS: Taipei 101′ observatory is a must. From the city’s main landmark you’ll get a fabolous view of the whole city, right at the 89th floor! You got there in
45 seconds, with the fastest lift in the World. The holiday jade market, the silk market and the flowers market are experiences you will never forget.
MUSTS: Take the subway(MRT),probably the best sistem all over Asia. It’s perfect even for mums with babies and disables. You’ll feel safe, comfortabkle and relaxed wherever you want to go.
Try a massage and you won’t regret it. Go to the hot springs of Beitou and try the Japanese termal station naked! Eat local food, it’s totally different from what we find in western countries! Tea, honey, fish, vegetables and pasta are simply excellent.
And getting around (even by bus, train, taxi) or eating is not expensive.
ART LOVERS: Go to Yingge to visit the pottery factory and get an idea of how the local artists work. The paintings are great at each gallery or museum you will visit. For the catalogues I recommend the Eslite bookstore though.

SPECIAL THANKS: to my local friends Romy and Cristina for counting and showing me the real Taipei, and to the staff of the Leofoo hotel, that provided me great tours. I will never forget the kindness of all the people I met, from the vendors at the markets, the waitress of the restaurants, the locals in the subway, my therapists, the tour guides and why not the local gods (most of all the goddess of the sea, Mazu). 

I left my heart in Taiwan and can’t wait to come back to discover aborigenal traditions, the great parks, and the islands.
Maybe we’ll meet there!


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