Steve McCurry exhibit & art tips on Genoa

genoaI wanted a different Sunday, dedicated to Photography (and there was Steve Mc Curry exhibition at Palazzo Ducale) and dedicated to  Art Cities. Genoa is one of the most beautiful art cities of Italy, its historical centre is the biggest in Europe and, most of all, it’s by the seaside! Perfect day trip with friends

As a Geographer, everytime a Photographer working for the National Geographic organize an exhibit I’m going. In the case of Steve McCurry, I had seen previously his works in 2009 in Milan, and got deeply touched by his portraits from all over the World (Burma and Afghanistan are still on my mind).

India, by STeve Mc Curry The exhibit at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa was even bigger, and offered more than 200 pictures shown as a huge negative where Poetry, violence, Beauty all mixed together. Unforgetable Sharbat Gula, the afghan iconic girl re-found  after 17 years near Peshawar and the documentary about her story impressed me. This exhibit had a massive impact over the city and I recommend it, you’ll be travelling through the World in images.

But let’s come to Genoa. We started getting around the old medieval city. I’ve never seen Palaces like this, each one in a different style, full of trompe-oil, so tall. Getting lost in the “vicoli” was amazing, and the best part was at the ancient port where a panoramic eye offered us a unique glimpse on the city, showing us its symbol (the ancient lanterna, or lighthouse), palms all over and the new museum complex related to the sciences.

A good place where you can eat is the Restaurant Squarciafico (piazza invrea nr 3) very close to Palazzo Ducale. You’ll find writing of celebrated musicians and architects (like Renzo Piano) and everything you’ll be tasting is fresh and so good!

We got around on foot and by bus. It was very pleasant, especially near the big fountain Piazza dei Ferrari.


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