On Photography.The last Illusion. By Alessandro Grassani

environmental.issuesSome People fight to avoid the next humanitarian issues, like environmental disasters. Alessandro Grassani started working on a massive project, called  The Last Illusion,wich includes trips to  Ulaan Baator – Mongolia, Dhaka – Bangladesh, Nairobi–Kenya to make the whole World realise that this is a real and upcoming issue for us all. Sustain his campaign, find out more.


<According to forecasts by the United Nations and IOM International Organisation for Migrations, in 2050 the Earth will have to face the trauma depicted by 200 million “environmental migrants”: people who will not “land” in the richer nations, but will look for new ways of livelihood in the urban areas of their home countries, which are already overcrowded and often extremely poor. 90% of this kind of migration will occur literally in less developed countries, with relocation from rural areas to the more degraded areas of the city known as slums. The title “the last illusion” refers to the hopes of the environmental migrants who escape from environmental stresses and look for chances of a better life in the city. However, once they get there, because of their lack of resources, education and opportunities, their dream of a favourable future turns into the last of their illusions.> said Alessandro Grassani, Italian Photographer known Worldwide for his works on Environmental issues.


His goal with the project “The Last Illusion” <follows the intention to depict the whole range of climate changes and natural hazards which are affecting social and cultural lives in different geographical areas in order to explain the environmental migration process: from the extreme cold of Mongolia to the desertification process in the African continent, passing through river floods, cyclones and see level rise in Bangladesh.>


a.grassaniNow he started the fundraising campaign for the third and final chapter of his photographic project “Environmental migrants: the last illusion”. Watch the video, support the project (click here) with your own contribution and share the next humanitarian emergency of the planet: the environmental migrants.




Films (like “Beasts of the Southern Wild” 4 times Oscar nominee) are not the only way to keep lights on these disasters. Photography is on the front line as always.


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