Deadlines & Priorities

prThey say you need to define clearly some deadlines during your life,  to  define your own priorities. And here comes the question: how to do it?


I started writing down a list of dreams. Many turned to be real, while others are changing. It takes a little to be happy in my daily routine. Writing daily, reading a good art feature, seeing beautiful pictures, meeting up with friends, seeing my family feeling well, travelling when possible, having long and refreshing walks in parks or gardens if I need to be in a city, having a job that allows me to live on my own (still a dream)…


Work, goals, Family are the next deadlines, ’cause I’m waiting for graduation (it will be in July). I always knew I would move, it has never been a problem to me the idea of packing up and leave. I want to live in a cultural city (not necessary huge, not necessary a capital) where the quality of life is high, and where the see or the mountains offer you beautiful places where to spend your time.


Anyway I need a place where History matters. My health would require an island but I always thought I’d been spending some time in a city like Paris. Now I think I won’t stay for so long, probably not moving, but passing a period there to experience certain features I need to go through. But where is the line of the deadline?


I know I’ll have to find a place where to move after summer where I can be on my own feet and from where leaving for wonderful trips when possible. I have a clue about the ideal place. Perhaps there I’ll meet also a wonderful person. Who knows? Certainly I’ll need a job. These are priorities after all. And job issues will require a deadline.


Something tells me they will always change as I grow. Isn’t it? There’s one priority I never want to forget. Being in peace with myself and the rest of the World. Then I know things will clear up everytime.


Writing, Gardens, Social issues, Creativity, books and Tea will always be part of my life. Which are yours?






About Odile Milton

I travel through words whenever possible. Odile Milton is my signature on the web as I wanted an alter ego to indicate only my writings and works, not my personal life. Odile like the dancer in black swan, and Milton from the novel An old-fashioned girl. View all posts by Odile Milton

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