Three Art Ladies of Italy. When Memory and Creativity come together

nikeThe end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 were marked by the loss of three Great Italian Ladies, who distinguished themselves in the Science Field (as Rita Levi Montalcini did), or in the Art field (Mariangela Melato and Marilena Ferrari). Their work inspired thousand of women all over Italy and all over the World, leaving us with a different vision of the Future.

All devoted to social causes, they’re remembered not only as amazing leading women but also as examples of total commitment to Education, Beauty in The Arts, and Humanity.


Mariangela.MelatoMariangela Melato (1943-2013)

Great italian actress who worked in  Theatre, Cinema, Television. She wrote only a book about her wonderful experiences in the field, which include the work with directors such as Mario Monicelli, Luigi Comencini, Vittorio de Sica.

Everybody in Italy remember her as the star of the movie “Travolti da un insolito destino nel mare azzurro d’agosto”.

She was appreciated no matter the role or the production, as she was totally devoted to her work, her only husband. Known for her friendships with poets, singers and actors, she left a big hole in those who had the chance to meet her in the past.

She died in Rome  in 2013, in consequence of a bad cancer.


Rita.MontalciniRita Levi Montalcini (1909-2012)

She  was born in in Turin, where she began studying the nervous system and obtained a medical degree. In 1938, the introduction of race laws did not allow her to formally continue her research. During World War II, her family fled to Florence where she conducted experiments from a home laboratory, studying the growth of nerve fibers in chicken embryos which laid the groundwork for much of her later research.

In September 1946, Prof. Levi-Montalcini accepted an invitation to Washington University in St. Louis where she remained until 1970. In 1952 her research led to the isolation of the nerve growth factor (NGF), a discovery for which she received, together with Stanley Cohen, the 1986 Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Prof. Levi-Montalcini served in numerous prestigious academic roles and is a Senator for Life in the Italian Senate. In addition to the many articles she has had published in periodicals worldwide, she is also author of numerous social and scientific essays and books including her autobiography Elogio dell’imperfezione, and her latest book L’altra Parte Del Mondo.

She was the Founder and the President of the Rita Levi-Montalcini Foundation, which provides scholarships and educational support for African women and is President of the European Institute for Brain Research (EBRI). 


She died in Rome, in her bed, in December 2012.



Marilena.FerrariMarilena Ferrari (1952-2012)

She was the Founder and owner of FMR Art House, that creates contemporary works of art that are unique or produced in limited editions, inspired by the great themes and values of humanity.

These works of art are the result of the creativity and combined effort of some of the leading interpreters of contemporary art painters, sculptors and photographers – and of some of the most important masters and heirs of the art of fine Italian craftsmanship that together find ideal, concrete expression in book form.

More precisely, the Marilena Ferrari-FMR Art House is inspired by the conviction that art, today as in the past, is a place where the values and identity of a society and a culture find their home; a place in which to develop and question themselves, to act on lives and intellects, producing change and development.

Among the many awards received, in November 2007 she received the Unicef Award in San Marino for her possession of a great humanitarian and generous spirit, and her awareness of childhood suffering. In fact, Marilena Ferrari has always been profuse in her charity and voluntary work, working on numerous humanitarian projects to help children in countries torn apart by war and collecting funds for the construction of schools in Guatemala, Bosnia, Tibet, Cambodia and Afghanistan.

She died in Bologna after a long illness.

To find out more about her foundation: FMR ART HOUSE


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