Fragments of an interview: E.O.emerging Photographer

picby.E.OPhotography is creation, search, a mirror to the World” by E.O.

Here are the fragments of a beautiful, stolen interview, with her

F.M. As a photographer, what do you want to communicate with your compositions?

E.O.Have you ever felt the need of screaming, because something inside was pushing but couldn’t come out, but if only it could have, it would have been a shout? I believe that every form of art carries within it a scream, which can quiver a masterpiece. I hope that, by seeing my pictures, you’ll perceive more than the subject. Beyond the light, beyond the images, I hope that you, casual observers, will receive a vibration. That strange thing that reaches you is a piece of me, of my view on this World, an unfinished phrase, an unresolved argument, or a simple empty space, that your eye is completing and solving.

F.M. Are you afraid of the observer’s judgement?

E.O. I’m afraid of written words rather than written lights. If you think about it, what you write is fix, like a sort of eternal truth. It makes me anxious because maybe tomorrow something will make me change and move to something else. It’s like ending forcibly when there are so many shades. Even if I realize that’s just a present situation. I feel like they want a ready-made label for my works, a philosophy. Instead of this there’s only a vortex, a chaos. That’s what really interests me…

F.M. What do you think about composition? you seem to prefer landscapes.

E.O: Every shot has its own meaning. If you combine two or more shots something new is born. In these compositions were created bridges between places, stories and emotions, from different points of view in Space and Time. A choice of my personal fragments to create a window where you’ll find a little reality of this World.

Notes: Eleonor lives in Italy. She has collaborated with FAI-Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano (the equivalent of the British National Trust), and has attended the Kaverdash school in Milan, where many NG collaborators train. Some years ago I curated her first online exhibit. If you have any enquiries comment this article and I’ll show her. She’s too busy to have her own website right now


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