Winter inspirations

As Winter is approaching, layiing by the fire and thinking about good things and places is my favourite activity.

We tend to get extremely busy, and in times of crisis is better not stopping. But I notice friends, and People in general, have less time and room for their dreams and their owns interests. Cultural, social and sports activity never seem to get enough time in our daily routine.

That’s why I decided to write about a franchising that got my attention since I was a little girl: IL PAPIRO, a  1976 Florence based company which produces items in hand decorated paper with techniques inspired by the tradition of Tuscany.

Next time I’m free from study, work and stress, I just want to sit at my desk and start writing and drawing about my wishes for the future. Something we all should do I think, to keep true to ourselves. My list includes:

1) Travels through Africa, Asia and Australia in the next ten years keeping journals on the road to share with all of you;

2) Designing and creating  Garden somewhere in the World where trees and flowers remind the visitors about justice, creativity, happiness for all the People who will like to visit it;

3) Writing (and publishing) a story I had always on my mind and perhaps turning it into a theatre play;

4) Turning this blog in a good cultural web magazine-review and earning a living from this and other writing activities that I already started; Am I going to be an editor? Maybe!

5) Moving to Paris and find time every day for a long walk (visiting art galleries, museums, libraries, theatres);

6) Have more time for friends and private life in general;

7) Stay creative and a little foolish ’til I live;

8) Writing an article for the National Geographic or being involved in one of its project;

9) Keep room for social commitment related to education, nature, arts and culture in general (FAI-Fondo per l’Ambiente italiano in particular);

10) Becoming a Tea Master and opening a Tea Room where young artists can share their artworks and good literature and music have always room…

I’ m working on these dreams, and some of them are getting closer. But I need to finish my MA before and keep working in other fields (though very interesting) to gain more experience.

What about your dreams and Winter inspirations?


About Odile Milton

I travel through words whenever possible. Odile Milton is my signature on the web as I wanted an alter ego to indicate only my writings and works, not my personal life. Odile like the dancer in black swan, and Milton from the novel An old-fashioned girl. View all posts by Odile Milton

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