Communication, Culture and Art: updates

So many updates in the last weeks here in Italy. There have been several international Festivals (of Literature in Mantova, of Storytelling in Carpi, of Philosophy in Modena, of Journalism in Ferrara). Lots of things to learn…

I could choose to write every day how interesting were the lectures, the conferences, the shows and the readings were, but I decided to leave that activity to their official websites. I wanted to pay attention and then count on the blog what’s left after all these incredible meetings. Incredible to me because plenty of People attended, of all ages (though the young public showed massively only in Ferrara).

Well, I can confirm that taking some time off from study or work to listen to someone else’s thoughts, professional experiences or just stories related to communication, art or culture worths the effort.

In Mantova I had the chance to listen to Toni Morrison‘s feelings as a writer of terrible historical happenings such as slavery, or seeing a play were  last Karen Blixen came up as an elegant skeleton to  delight her readers;

In Carpi I had the pleasure to meet several writers coming from all over the World (Africa, China, Russia, but also Italy) to discuss about creativity and writing matters, with very different topics;

In Ferrara I re-experienced the importance of being connected to the news of the World, and finding out how colleagues coming from totally different experiences (Islamic World, South America or India) could meet peacefully to ask themselves what’s going on.

These festivals made me richer as a writer and I believe will contribute to improve my work on this blog and showing more and more why I believe Culture is not a waste of time. Every day, without Art or Communication, Horror take place. My commitment relies in the belief that only paying attention and equal dignity to different cultures and communication we will be able to grow and join together without any boundaries.

I Imagine a world free of Cultural Limits. That’s why I keep writing.

I hope you will always tell me when I’m doing a good job or not. So I will with you.


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I travel through words whenever possible. Odile Milton is my signature on the web as I wanted an alter ego to indicate only my writings and works, not my personal life. Odile like the dancer in black swan, and Milton from the novel An old-fashioned girl. View all posts by Odile Milton

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