Summer and Fragrances. Featuring Yosh Han

Summer and Fragrances. Featuring Yosh Han. Here’s the second, delightful as always, interview with her. You’ll discover more about the authoress of the Snowdrop’s Garden and a lot of Yosh’s latest projects.

This will be the last article until September 2012. You’ll have enough time to read all your favourite articles previously published if you didn’t have time so far.

Updates will keep regularly on twitter account @geojardin and on facebook page SnowdropGarden(IlGiardinodeiBucaneveBlog). Enjoy the reading and your Summer! 

FM: Is there a scent that you relate particularly to Italy?
YH: When I think of Italy, I think of basil and tomatoes. But when I am in Italy, I eat those things but rarely smell them in the air. When I was in Bologna last year, the smell of linden blossom was so strong. It was incredible. I also love the coast of Italy so I have a fond memory of that smell along with old architecture.

FM: I’ve always wondered if a perfume could describe an entire season, like the summer. What do you think of this?
YH: I think perfume is seasonal – not just the climate but our inner season. Even though it’s summer time, we are in the fog in San Francisco. So even though I should feel happy, I feel inward at this moment. I think I prefer spring smells but it aggravates my allergies but the flowers of the spring make me happy.

FM: I was born in June, so for me the relationship with water is very important, though I love spending my holidays in the mountains. In fact, the name of my blog “Snowdrop Garden”, recall the mountains. I’d like you to imagine a fragrance related to summer, mountains, water and dawn. This elements can describe well my inner character. How will it be if it was up to you?
YH: It sounds like a beautiful fragrance. I think it would have some leaves and wildflowers. Some mushrooms, pine and moss. For the dawn, I think something dewy would be great.

FM: The last months have been particularly difficult for Italy because of recent earthquakes and the crisis. There is a sense of longing to peace in the air but lack of hope usually. What creative suggestion would you have for enjoying as much as we can our days?
YH: When there is emotional upheaval, people tend to want something that makes them feel comfort and joy. Fragrances that are grounding like wood notes are helpful. But citrus notes are also uplifting. Rose and jasmine at this time are also balancing. You can never go wrong with lavender during stressful moment.

FM: Something curious for our readers. In your creative process, do you think of colours as an important part of the job or not? and if so, which is the most important colour in your opinion?
YH:I love color. I smell in color and textures. So often, when I’m creating something, especially for a private perfume or workshop, I ask the person what their favorite color is. Depending on the color, it tells me something about their personality. Blue smells different than red or green. And if they say their favorite color is black or grey, well, that tells me something too.

FM: Next projects?
YH:I have some new projects for 2013 which I’m excited about. At the moment, I’m having a musk and leather revival.
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