Interview with the owners of “Eutepia World”. A delightful Tea shop in Bologna

Walking  around Bologna surprises continuosly the visitor. Back to the interviews related to interesting creative shops owned by strong, beautiful and clever women, the Tea Shop “Il Mondo di Eutepia” (ndr Eutepia’s World), is certainly a place to stop if you love tea as much as I do. So here’s my interview with Daniela and Katrien, the two friends that rule and own this beautiful shop.


F.M: “Eutepia’s World“. How did this project start, and what philosophy lies behind the store name, so loved in Bologna?

E.W: We wanted to combine wellness, medicinal herbs with sobriety, refined taste and properties that lie behind a good cup of tea. We’re friends, we have met 5 years ago, both passionated about  Ayurveda. The store name comes from the Greek word “Utopia“, that summarizes well everything that can be ideal. Utopis derives from “outopia (no place) and” eutopia “(good place). Ideal but unachievable = UTOPIA. Since the times of crisis we decided to be even more positive, and the result was EUTOPIA,  our good place is represented by positive energy and the conviviality of our Tearoom, eu (good)-Tea-pia (corruption of place of tea), world. There’s a world to discover in our shop: herbs, teas, elixirs, cosmetics, pastries, people, celebrities etc. etc.
FM: Tea in all its nuances and tastes. Tasting, researching on tea, the activities that develop around this ancient beverage, are part of your daily work?

E.W: Most of the time is devoted to tea tasting and looking for tea, especially natural teas without added aromas with essential oils. Natural teas in their different processing techniques, which are increasingly improving, creating aromas and scents really unique. The activities are developed in the ongoing quest to explain in the simplest way, the professional secrets of tea. Legends, techniques that make a tea are so different from each other. Finally we explain the beneficial properties. A continuous comparison happens with Barbara Sighieri, from AICTEA Association, with whom we collaborate continuously and we support. The rest of our business for the beverage tasting, the possibility of creating mixtures with our Ayurvedic studies and traditional Mediterranean medicine, to meet the taste of the customers, trying to merge the  properties of plants.


FM : You work with various associations during cultural events. Which are the criteria for the partnerships?

E.W: We establish with our partners the same common thread of our philosophy, research, professionalism, the same interest with the same positive energy with which we would like to move and capture the attention of many living human potential “!
FM: What is the message you want to transmit to your clients or simply the passers, who dwell in front of your store?

E.W: The care of every detail, giving the idea of wellness, researchof trooftop bar, professionalism and at the same time the aesthetics and taste. Above all, the sense of well being and professionalism is painstakingly personalized for any person who enters or goes. These people may feel that they are part of the Eutèpia project, contributing to the participation of our meetings, carving out time for the pure desire to conviviality, creating moments of Exchange and mutual growth.
FM: A dream for the future?

E.W: Being able to integrate in the balance of nature without oppressing it.


For further informations:

Katrien & Daniela

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