Interview to the owner of ” The WORLD in a ROOM”, design store in Bologna

In Bologna I’m always looking for friendly people and creative places to be. that’s the case of The World in a Roomdesign store, of Michela, the young and creative female owner of one of the sweetest art store in the centre of Bologna. Here’s the interview. Address Via Marsala 31/C if you’re in town.

FM: How did you decide to become a businesswoman linked to minor arts and alternative design? Tell us a little about yourself

MICHELA: The world in one room was born from the heart. A year and a half ago I found a response to years of reflections, and I realized I wanted a job that would reflect my attitude and my passions. I think a subject is not just a collection of materials, but the result of skillful hands of a craftsman, or the creative idea of a designer who comes to life. I find it very fascinating this aspect; a simple consumer Act becomes a time to search for the object that most represents us.

FM: The world in a room in Bologna… and not in Faenza, your city, famous for its ceramics. Why there and not elsewhere?

MICHELA: Certainly mine is a commercial grade, I find that Bologna is a city where I’m still strongly present reality as mine, and so for me it is certainly more challenging work in this context. Faenza is a smaller but still very flourishing artistic level, in fact I chose to bring in the store two artists greatly appreciated: Mirta Morigi, with its contemporary ceramics, and Luciana Zaccherini, which besides being a painter, transforms small handmade frames and unique paintings.

FM: Wich  criterion to select objects for the public?

MICHELA: The choice of objects is very intuitive in terms of taste, obviously paying attention to market requirements. I try to capture what people want and above all understand what put forward at that time.

FM: Is there a line of particular design that you care about  to be always well represented in the store?

MICHELA: Definitely Italian craftsmanship, I find that the Italian manufacture, although more expensive, has a level of quality and creativity. Although I must say that I appreciate with the same intensity a most popular and skilled crafts such as Turkish, Moroccan, Indian ….. or even innovative lines of costume jewellery which come from Spain and Greece. I believe that in every part of the world there is something special to discover.
FM: what inspiration for the  layouts? Travel insights, readings, or a mix of these issues and others?

MICHELA: I let myself be guided by instinct, not I ever what to put, or how and where to put it. I believe that creativity does not have big canons, so often feel the need to see things in a different perspective.
FM: As you know the reality of women’s entrepreneurship in Bologna? only in the centre there are countless spaces, but they don’t seem to make enough networking. What do you think of this?

MICHELA: To be honest I’m not very knowledgeable about it. In the opening phase I attended a bando del comune di Bologna for the redevelopment of some areas of the city. Unfortunately, after months of waiting my project was not selected, and then, having invested so much energy into this and taken note of the negative response, I’m not interested in other initiatives. In any case, mine is a posting only momentary. I know that there are facilities for female entrepreneurship and I think there is a need, given that women often find themselves engaged on the front working but above all in the family. I therefore find it fair that we helped them to enjoy an atmosphere of equal opportunities.
FM: what is the message you would like to transmit to people coming into your store? What does “the world in a room”?

 MICHELA: I always try to give the best, for me is not just a shop but an opportunity to get to know different people and experiences to tell. “The world in a room” wants to be a place where you breathe different cultures represented by unusual handicrafts. Through this little journey in a room full of colours, sounds, smells, you can play and travel with your imagination, a place where you can find gift ideas, decorative objects, furniture, jewellery and accessories.
FM: Next Dreams?

MICHELA: We know how challenging an independent activity … …. well I wish I had time to discover other items around the world … … my primary passion is always travelling, and I will always be yearning to know new cultures and places.

Note: Bologna is rich in little creative stores or design studios. More articles about the subject to follow


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