Inka Parei’s book: Shadow Boxing Woman

Alessandro Baricco, famous italian writer, has recently suggested to his readers this reading: “Shadow Boxing Woman“, by Inka Parei. Find out more about her in this little note.

 Inka Parei, born in ‘ 67 in Frankfurt, had to wait twelve years for his novel “Shadow Boxing Woman“, arrived on the Book market in English where he won the prize for the best translation and a unanimous chorus of positive criticism. An expectation that maybe you can explain even with the fix to match the real places that you described with those of our imagination.

At the heart of the novel is the collapse of the Berlin wall, when the city was very celebrated and little known. Its protagonist carefully avoids the touristic routes, but leads the reader into the dilapidated cityscapes, street corners where the smell of a spicy kebab ti invests without notice where the voices of immigrants will overtop until disorientarti. Buildings that once were beautiful and now are decadent, refuge for a disturbing humanity, with difficult stories behind and a singular way of perceiving reality.

His style was often referred to as “physical”, his Berlin is experienced “hands and feet”. And this also reflects an attitude towards life on the part of the author: a desire to plunge into the reality of concrete experiences from mental, overlaid to travel sometimes crude reflections.

A place for you to cross. Live it and experience it slowly, add the mental pathways, live in a metaphorical each trip. He has been shown when Internet appeared in his blog a detailed diary, road and even in this case very physical of a trip to New Zealand.

More about the AUTHOR
Inka Parei was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1967 and lives in Berlin. He studied German Philology, sociology, political science and sinology. The girl who makes a fistfight with the shadow is her first novel. With the first twenty pages of his next book, not yet completed, won the prestigious Ingeborg Bachmann prize.

Find out more on her blog here


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