A summary on recently back news  from the brink of a landfill a few meters from the famous VILLA ADRIANA, UNESCO. The Villa is safe for now (The Prime Minister decided to stop the awful project),  in the words of those who have fought for his defense, who denounce nownew dangers.

“The committees who have fought against the dump of Corcolle altar fragments, after two days of toast in front of the entrance of the villa of the emperor Hadrian to the escaped (for now) danger of landfill, personable and not relishing the battle to protect the territory, the environment and the heritage of Hadrian’s Villa, Tivoli “.

The havoc is still under everybody’s eyes with the lot Nathan Mezzaroma, pending approval, and degradation of the mausoleum tomb of Plauzi, a symbol for the town of Tivoli but which is now manifest deterioration. The monumental complex of Ponte Lucano is the Roman bridge and the Mausoleum of the family called Plauzi which, with the tomb of Cecilia Metella on the Appian way, represents an important testimony of imposing burials of noble families in the late Republican age.Source of inspiration since the Renaissance has been depicted in many paintings and prints of great artists: from Piran to Salvator Rosa, Lorrain, Poussein and Corot, just to name a few.

Is a tomb of the 1st century drum. BC The Roman bridge, placed on the ancient route of the via Tiburtina, consists of 5 arches, three of them now buried because of materials transported by the river which are not removed. Its construction was attributed to Marcus Plautius Lucanus, diumviro with Tiberius 14-37 a.d.-Little Valley was located to the port where it was lapis tiburtinus embarked the ancient (travertine) destined to the construction of major Roman monuments; from Ponte Lucano the Aniene became navigable.

The city has a great historical and symbolic significance, camping on the city’s coat of arms below the Eagle. The story of the draft defense hydraulic Ponte Lucano begins in the second half of the 1980s; official reasons: the frequent flooding of the river Aniene recede the piazzale Ponte Lucano and damage the new commercial and industrial buildings arose in those years arisen at the River (mostly illegal).

It is possible, however, that a role has also had the prospect of subtracting the area of flooding the precious land at Hadrian’s Villa for parcelling out Nathan , blocked then by the Soprintendenza Archeologica in 1989. flooding of the Aniene and their dynamics are undoubtedly linked to artificial narrowing of the river and the abundant material discharge (well documented by results of dredging carried out in recent years) causing the raising of the riverbed.

Hydraulic defense works concluded by the Agency in 2004, regional ARDIS run without even a preliminary study of flows in the River, they closed the monumental complex behind a concrete wall about 4 m. The work also proved ineffective from a hydraulic saw: the road you were like and worse than before.The concrete wall surrounding the mausoleum is a safeguard for future parcelling out land of Nathan. In the summer of 2004 the work of ARDIS are almost completed.

Nothing is done to the inner area (the “Archaeological Park”), nor the wall is mitigated by any degrading structure.The “World Monument Fund” has put it among the 100 monuments to save archaeological and historical importance to. All this documentation was collected by the Committee Save Ponte Lucano “which includes associations Rose of may, Our Italy circolo Sabina and Aniene, organizing Committee Environmental Archaeological Park of Barco, a company Tiburtina di Storia e d’Arte, WWF and Monti Lucretili section Aniene and some private citizens have given life to the Restoration Committee for the protection and enhancement of the Ponte Lucano.

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