CONALPA-National Committee for Trees and Landscape

Promoting culture, tree and landscape garden and picturesque Italian town. Protect and enhance the landscape and cultural heritage of Italy. This is the Mission of CONALPANational Committee for trees and landscape.

The National Coordinating Committee for the trees and landscape (co.N.AL.PA.) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, dedicated to the protection and enhancement of natural environments, monumental trees, forests and woodlands, gardens, historic-artistic heritage and picturesque Italian landscapes.

A combination of science, art and nature to improve the lives of human beings and turn them away from poverty and physical degradation.

The National Movement CO.N.AL.PA. has been dubbed by many “people of the TREES and gardens”, a large movement of people dedicated to the rediscovery of landscape painting Italian and its extraordinary artistic and historical peculiarities.

Born in Villa Borghese in June 2009, to defend the historic Plane del Seicento, ill Coordination has its consecration in the National Conference “the pillars of heaven” in Penne (PE) on November 21, 2010. Since then the CO.N.AL.PA. do you sponsor a national coordination, technical professionals, enthusiasts and citizens associations that are fighting for the protection and enhancement of the landscape and historical heritage of Italy.

In 2011 the Coordination promotes the campaign “MILLION TREES for  Italy” trying to break the dark and perverse mechanism of soil. No trees, no life.

In 2011 the Coordination promotes the campaign “build a GARDEN for YOUR SOUL“, dedicated to the realization of a number of gardens in sharp contrast with the concreting of the territory.

The 2012 was proclaimed by Coordination “year of Great sacred tree”.

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