Theatre 1763: acoustics Baroque treasure of Arts risks to be closed

Theatre 1763 . A Baroque jewel at risk in Bologna, inside the sumptuous eighteenth-century villa Aldrovandi-Mazzacurati. It can be considered the most beautiful and well-preserved example of 18th-century theatre in the Villa of the region, the absolute best for acoustics. A theatre that is in danger of being closed due to a general decay of culture and arts in Italy.

 A theatre in effect scaled: double access from outside and one exit which connects it with the internal lounges, elevated stage, back stage, tooling and foyer. The room is rectangular, surrounded by two tiers of balconies with U-shaped pattern. The 24 elegant sculptures between telamons and caryatids serves as embellishment to the structures of balconies and, at the time, served as Torchbearers for the enlightenment and were decorated with twigs and wreaths.

 Each sculpture, whose end is shaped by Triton, is different from the other and 4 of them ending column have a basket placed on the head, maybe to be filled with fruits and leaves.

The balcony above presents a door that connected with the private rooms of the family. Now this link is no longer possible since the reconstruction of the lateral wing after the war necessitated as a result of damage caused by aerial bombardment, has uneven floors rebuilt, a few meters and thus almost inaccessible balcony.

The side walls of the auditorium are painted in ” trompe l’oeil” with putti and garlands to suggest the impression of being in a flowery Garden, while the two lateral walls, representing hunting scenes so much in vogue in the ‘ 700.

This is the ultimate expression of a Baroque influence now being overcome. The walls of the two upper balconies are decorated with frescoes in full Imperial neoclassical style: it’s all a series of ornaments that stand by medallions with knots of love.

The Association “culture and art of the ‘ 700 born in 1993 to protect the Theatre 1763 on the basis of a Convention with the Quarter Savena to guard, preserve and reopen to the public good so precious and revive thanks to an intense theatrical activity, from 2002, thanks to President Dott.ssa Marilena Frati, joined the European Association of Historic Theatres- PERSPECTIVE.

Participates in “Route of Historical Theatres” approved by the European Community, for a cultural exchange between peoples, for a better understanding and intelligent and profitable use and conservation to testimony of a past not to destroy.

 For further information and to participate in the Safeguard of Theatre:


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