May of Books: Italian Festival of Literature 2012

From April 23 to May 23, 2012 is held in ItalyMay of books“, the national campaign in 2011 with the aim to emphasise the social value of reading as a key element of personal growth, cultural and civil. Books bloom in May. In this month the nature wakes up, the same happens to want to read. Reading makes  you grow.

Begins on 23 April, coinciding with the World Book day and copyright promoted by UNESCO, on 23 May and culminates with the Celebration of the book.  The name chosen for the campaign, books, places the emphasis on a month in the Italian folk tradition is tied to parties for the awakening of nature and invokes the idea of growth and maturation, but also joy and pleasure: all concepts that we want to convey through the countryside as related to reading.

Book as a friend, partner, companion of life, therefore: the purpose of the campaign is to bring people, distribute, make it known, connotandolo a strong social and emotional value. And so the reading habits. The book, therefore, comes from its usual context and ramps on the territory: from big cities to small towns, regions, provinces, municipalities, schools, libraries, cultural associations, publishers, libraries, clubs, players will promote initiatives to intercept even people who don’t normally read.

This year the festival has, in addition to the collaboration with institutional partners (Presidency of the Council of Ministers Conference of the regions and autonomous provinces, Union of the provinces of Italy, Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani), of all stakeholders involved in the promotion of strategic reading (Associazione Italiana Editori, Italian Booksellers Association, Associazione Italiana Libraries) and takes place under the patronage of Italian National Commission for UNESCO and under the high patronage of the President of the Republic.

Web, school, youth. It is on these keywords that orients the 2012 campaign: picking up the inheritance of all previous experiences, this year’s Center for the book and reading and its partners intend to revive the project and trigger new processes, strengthening the network of public and private subjects active in the promotion of books and reading. To involve more and more readers of tomorrow, through a dynamic use of the Internet and the more active participation of schools.

For information and calendar events in Italy:


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