Sometimes cultural institutions are weak ones. Sometimes threaten to close due to a lack of attention to cultural institutions should finance them, do not break down. And ‘ the case of the Teatro San Martino di Bologna. Here on the blog the text of the appeal of the members of the theater is closed, lest, as reported on the Network Flashgiovani:

“Teatro San Martino di Bologna closes.
A group of nine emerging actors launches an appeal to support this area that for years has been involved with the production, promotion and training of contemporary artistic reality.
As actors and as the spectators decide to make their voices heard for another space will not be removed.

This is an excerpt of the appeal:
“Who writes is a group of nine emerging actors in this theatre was formed. The end of this reality is cause for great discouragement.
We set a curtain on our future viewers and we don’t want to remain
in silence. We believe in and we believe that even in a time of crisis can and must be found. Culture can return to Center only if we continue to practice it, to invoke it and
We thought in our small living theatre for three days and give voice to citizens and artists.

We want to make these three days why reflection, sharing and celebration
artisticWe welcome ideas, trying to figure out if he can raise a comparison between
the different artistic reality, not locate towns and join or common proposals.
There are those who believe, who resists, who would not remain passive.

We invite all the citizens of Bologna, artists, students, professors, critics, journalists
intervene -in the “freedom of their proposal,” according to the formula of the seasons of Teatro San Martino in the idea of Roberto Latini (hence this initiative, we want to repeat respecting his choices, is independent).
We encourage everyone to support the initiative: a theatre that closes is the loss of a right. Of all.

Thank you.
Students of training for actors of TSM:
Barbara Sedda, Cecilia Lorenzetti, Federico Franςoise, Bougault, Brocani Lara Monterastelli, Laura Pompetti, Marta Sappa, Peter Piva, Rossella Cabiddu. ”

To know more:  ilteatrosanmartinoesiste.bloog.it


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