6th May 2012: Geneva half-marathon for Burma (Myanmar)

On 6th May 2012, GHNI European Partnership Director Richard Holt, good friend of mine, together with a team of volunteers will be running the Geneva half-marathon to help raise funds for two villages in Burma (Myanmar). Glad to know that Aung San Suu Kyi has recently been elected in Burma, we know there’s still a lot of work to be done. So join our cause!

After years of oppression, there is much reason for hope in Burma. It appears that people’s cry for freedom and transformation are finally being answered. With more and more openings in Burma, we want to seize the opportunity as we branch out into different areas of the country to help many poor villages.

The two villages we are running for are Thar Yar Kung and Moe Kaung. Myanmar is a nation that was once known as the “Jewel of South East Asia”. But today most people live in poverty holding a mindset that things cannot change. These are uncertain times for the people of Myanmar. Most live under generational poverty and national insecurity.

Thar Yar Kung is a poor village north of Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. Jobs are few, incomes do not provide parents enough for daily nutrition or education for their children, hygiene and sanitation are poor and this significantly affects the health of the village. Children are so undernourished and sick from poor hygiene that they have trouble studying in school. Most of them are pulled out of school by the 5th year in order to work to bring additional income to the family.

This village is overlooked by the government and has no other assistance. They don’t need a handout they need a hand up to learn how they can rise from a village caught in poverty and sickness to one that is healthy, educated and able to provide for their families by their own means.

The village leaders came to us, described their situation, and asked us for help. We were moved by their situation and, at the same time, encouraged by the leadership and the people’s willingness to work to bring about permanent changes needed in their community.
The half-marathon is 21km. Would you consider sponsoring Richard and his team 1 CHF, 5 CHF or some other amount per kilometer?

To find out more: GHNI team from Geneva http://globalhopenetwork.org/villages/asia/myanmar-thar-yar-kung


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