Joyce Lussu: a Portrait

I was looking for the right words to introduce you this great Writer, translator and Poet, Joyce Lussu, so beloved in Sardinia (Italy), where she lived. The article below, written by Ilaria Paluzzi, perfectly esemplifies her unique life and her biography “Portrait“, who has recently been published in Italy. Enjoy!

«Maybe the poem is just that: bring in self-confidence and communicate to others a world that there is but there could and should be. ” This seems to be the poetic manifesto of Joyce Lussu, partisan, writer, translator, one of the most beautiful images that sparkle in the history of our country, back among the shelves of bookstores with Portrait, his autobiography, released recently by the publishing house The Golden ass, the centenary since its inception. The story of struggle against fascism, then in politics and build a new left, intertwine with the private life. Wife of Emilio Lussu, whom she called “the big oak tree” fell asleep ever under his shadow, but always fought for the realization of his identity and diversity as a woman and intellectual.

It was for this reason that, with the war against fascism, and having engaged politically, especially for the defense of women’s rights and for their emancipation from homemakers to which all the Italian society, even the left had relegated, began searching for a way. Ripescò from its history the interest for poetry – is the author of splendid Lussu lyrics – and began a wonderful career as a translator of poets like Nazim Hikmet and Agostinho Neto. But it was especially the birth of her son the land where the most bitterly fought, and that forced her to try new weapons. She had struggled so much, now facing the human birth cannot be disarmed, unprepared. And it is precisely this lack that, if on the one hand, puts in crisis, on the other hand, forces her to see unresolved nodes of a company still so blind: «I cosmic considerations on society and history, coming to the conclusion that the biggest problem of mankind is the relationship between adults and children “.

A rousing, passionate, exciting story, to re-read today more than yesterday. Giulia Ingrao, in the beautiful introduction to the text, writes: “his is an ongoing quest to leave the Rails, to find other ways, other senses, and this research is the oxygen that feeds his life».


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    Hello! I’m Ilaria Paluzzi. Nice to meet you…
    Thank you so much for the sharing.
    I’m so Happy you liked my article to translate it…


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