Interview with the Pianist Daniele Furlati

The Piano is one of the most classical instruments and used in experimental music or jazz. A young pianist may also decide to devote himself to other art forms, like the Cinema or the theatre. I met the pianist Daniele Furlati for debunking the myths of classical music. Is not exceeded, but training as ever present as the forge of creativity-art.

Interview by FM

FM: You have a attended conservatory, but collaborate a lot with the world of cinematography. How was this combination?

DF: I graduated in composition and piano and band instrumentation, and I started as early as 17 years doing commercials with Alessandro Cappelletti, until you get with him the music for the film “Viva San Isidro” in ‘ 95. I then had the good fortune to study at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena with Sergio Miceli and Ennio Morricone following courses of music for films, and so I applied music even more.

FM: What is your repertoire?

DF: Mainly sound only my Music, the concert of the 3/26/2011, will include both music for cinema, theatre, Chamber music. Among the various experiences that I’m carrying around there is the show “downstairs” Novels made a show for reciter and piano, singer, excerpted from an artwork of Gianni Rodari, and Teramo poetry festival I also presented the show “all my confusion”, starring and written by Valentina Carnelutti, I accompanied him on stage.

FM: Jobs with the very first Music, literature, theatre and film. What is the emotional impact that these comparisons involve?

DF: For me working with non-musicians, filmmakers, writers such as John P., actors such as Ivano Marescotti, enriches me because it puts into question the way I see things. A posting from tells me what I do, to see things from another point of view, that of the collection. Work in collective works is much nicer than work alone.

FM: Your experience shows how an education in classical music not only prescribes that young musicians start to a career “boring” or “traditional”, but can lead to more interartistiche existing collaborations and engaging. What is the message that you feel to give your younger colleagues?

DF: I would tell him not fossilize in mode, but to be first of all honest with themselves, and find out which are the true passions, which are those imposed by the school, the family or group of friends. I am I excited with dance orchestras, but also in Cattolica with the initials of the cartoons, or Horowitz plays Chopin and Scarlatti, and even the Beatles at home …From all these experiences, and especially by filtering them, you can create your own personal artistic path that wraps everything up.

FM: What are your next projects, and dreams in the drawer?

DF: Two plays with Federica P., currently under formulation, such as “Mr. P”, the story of a Peacock in the petrol pump, which leads us to reflect on narcissism and love for inanimate objects, very current theme. I also have 5 documentary projects, including that of Francesco Satta on Maria Giacobbe, and another by Patrizia Santangeli, apart from other film projects.

Notes about the artist: Daniele Furlati has edited the music of several film projects. Among his best known compositions, the score: the man who will and Il vento fa Il suo giro. Listen to Daniel in some of his compositions by clicking here


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