Interview with the journalist PAOLA MAUGERI

Inauguration the Green Social Festival 2011. It’s a busy week, the calendar provides many conferences, meetings, exhibitions, and workshops devoted to sustainability, declined in all its aspects. It is a festival which is aimed particularly at young people, the future of our planet. To sensitize them and bringing them on land as close as possible to their way of communicating, has been invited Paola Maugeri, popular italian tv music journalist (“Storytellers” MTV) and Radio(Virgin Radio). On that day I met with Paola Maugeri, to talk about communication, music, environment, and social commitment. In the name of Passion.

Interview by FM

FM: You are here at the festival to present your life experience to zero impact. I would like to know what is for you the Sustainability into your everyday life.

 PM: try to understand that our every gesture and every our action have an impact on the environment and desire to understand that just as we are living we can no longer go forward, because if we continue with these habits would need five planets earth for resources, and five planets to the waste land. We must all understand that we must change our habits of life, that does not mean making sacrifices nor any waivers, but change, that these resources remain and may be here for our children and our grandchildren. Then simply means trying to understand how to change your life for the better, also doing a service to the environment.

FM: You have your own personal site,, where under “Music” you can read excerpts from your book “Storytellers-music legend”, edited by Tea.

PM: Exactly …

 FM: Among them there is “Nothing Happens by chance”, which speaks of your great love, music. As conjugates with environmental protection and social commitment? I know you’re an Ambassador in Copenhagen for a sustainable world …

PM: you know, I’m all sides of the same coin, are things I love, that I have nourished over the last 30 years of my life …I started very early to “haunt” music festivals, to stay with the musicians … I would not have ever thought one day to become a journalist and interviewing all the biggest, of course when you’re a teenager you don’t know what you reserve life … It is precisely because many musicians that I discovered the love for the environment, thanks to low carbon. Are all situations that are of each other, and that I give nourishment to deal with things that I like. I have many Passions, and I try to live them all. Life is long …

FM: The editors of Flashmusica wants to represent a reference point on the land for the emerging underground groups, which we pass on the bolognese our webradio, Flashfm, once a week. Expert of the world by radio, what do you think of experience like this?

PM: all the technology, and the Internet represent a free space where everyone can express themselves: it wasn’t so ten years ago when I started myself, so well are these little reality. In America most important groups, thinking of Rem, have become the Rem that we know with the support of college radio airplay, mica was important to pass the radio. Thus it is small, but crucial, because most people are heard from passionate, and then they have more willingness to listen. I find that absolutely have to share initiatives.

FM: Finally, getting back to your book, another of the texts available on your site, which I really liked, it’s called “Live at the height of their dreams”. Tu ci sei managed also having a solid cultural baggage behind, let us speak 3 languages and that you have formed at the Sorbonne in Paris. So today, what is the message that you feel to give who dreams of becoming a journalist or Communicator, and that maybe you wish these guys?

PM: Study. Passion. The study and the passion for the things we are interested in two engines from which you can’t. Today unfortunately you think that success is a craft. It is not so. The horse race you see on the long run. You must have time to demonstrate what you’re worth, and so it is important that there is a basis, things you’ve studied, that you have read, you are passionate about. The books are a treasure so great, from where you can draw freely, find some wonderful things, so why not do it? and above all, it is important to be formed based on feelings that we feel, try to follow our instincts, which does not betray.

FM: Then always following your passions …

PM: Exactly



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