Giovanni Allevi on Alien Tour: a review

There was great expectation for the bolognese stage of Tour of Alien Giovanni Allevi, composer, conductor and pianist of international renown. The Teatro delle Celebrazioni of Bologna recorded oversubscribed in 2011, and the audience was greeted with much warmth and with a very long applause entry, literally running down to the floor, the artist. In shirt and jeans, it appeared really comfortable and informal in greeting the public, turning it irectly to introduce time to time his songs, with a very low voice, almost a child, very sweet.

The initial impression, and even during executions, is that of an eclectic and experimental composer certainly, undoubtedly virtuoso technically but also accessible to non-specialists in the repertoire, completely engrossed in execution (no score), aimed at a search for harmony in the notes (repetitive and never even changed at the moment) all staff.

About The Program …

The concert started on sweet notes of “Secret Love“, composition famous thanks to a recent advertisement. To follow A very evocative of brando that metropolis is inspired by “Tokyo Station“, which makes the frenzy and the charm given by the delicacy of its nature. In travel around the world through the notes of the plan, also “the Lullaby“, a Lullaby that represents a great antidote to the bleakness that evokes the artist Los Angeles, offers suggestions and transports the viewer into a reality far yet close, invoking images of Ocean coast metropolis that is opposed to his chaos.

But is ” Close to me and in As you really arethat John gave to the public its sensitivity as a composer, nostalgic and stirring up intimate notes that reach the apex in the execution ofMemory“, a song that aims to make more bearable loving memories.

The most creative side is innovative is fully manifested in “water games“, “Divine Watches“, and dream of Bach“. The personal philosophy of John than to a company of masks who forget the playful side of creative offering child only limiting patterns and surrogates of soul, or even a tribute to life represented by the sacred heartbeat of every person, to finish with the imagine what could happen if the Baroque music of Bach had met the modern Dance.

Directories apart were represented by “Back to Life“, “Hugs”Helena” and “Jolie“.If “Back to Life” the touch of creative genius and a little crazy on the ingobbito is full, “Hugs the erotic tension of two lovers including the passion is ready to explode also manifests in unexpected jazz notes.

But it is in the interpretation of “Helena who ropes the emotion and commotion have prevailed. This unique meditation for right-handed is dedicated to a young pianist who has lost the use of his left hand and then can no longer play the piano. Fans of John, he went to his concert at the teatro Arcimboldi in Milan to attend his concert, having told the sad story in an email. Allevi decided in the evening to perform the piece specially composed for her, but to his total, and give her the score to show finished when she is gone to greet in camerino. The next day, in another mail, thanks, Helena, his name, told of having spent all night studying the score. For the composer, this story has been one of the greatest gifts that a career in music has granted. The affair showed the great humanity of Breed, and the song was really beautiful, rich of unexpected nuances.

At the conclusion of the concert program “Jolie“, literally “cute”, except that the track of considerable difficulties even for its author, represents an effort far from delicious.

On this humble and self-deprecating accent at the same time, much appreciated, John greeted, then come back on stage in the wake of uninterrupted applause with the statement “I seemed to hear … BISSSS“, and two beautiful outside programAir“and”take me“.

Note. Before you run the Bis, John is addressed to all the audience to thank very politely all organizational staff, technicians and theatre masks for their work, as well as the public, to whom he addressed more than a sincere applause. Composer, conductor and pianist, has six albums of his own compositions: “13 Fingers” (1997), “Composition” (2003), “No Concept” (2005), “Joy” (2006), “Allevilive” (2007), for solo piano, and “Evolution” (2008) with the symphony orchestra. Breed is also a philosopher, graduated cum laude in Name fia with the thesis “the void in Contemporary Physics“, and writer (“the music in his head”. Rizzoli).

A true genius of music and contemporary philosopher, which deserves careful watching live, uninterrupted and not at all boring or heavy, but rather terse, varies in intensity and pace, ironic and yet humble.

Biographical Notes.

His international tour, which repeatedly touched on United States, Canada, Russia, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, the Balkans, Hungary, Hong Kong and China, are sold everywhere, decreeing Giovanni Allevi one of the most loved contemporary artists from audiences around the world. Through the publication of his orchestral scores for solo piano, the composer Allevi redraws the boundaries of a new contemporary classical music. His language is rooted in European musical tradition, opening it to the sounds of our days

Through his music, Allevi offers a reading new, extroverted and positive of the contemporary world, and this is evidenced by the great enthusiasm with which is everywhere accepted by younger generations.

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